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Many sis have recently contacted us to express their willingness to become Asteria Hair brand ambassadors. Thank you sisters for their support.

Asteria Hair welcomes hair beauty professionals and hair extension lovers with high-quality content to become a part of Asteria Hair's online community.

We have launched a brand ambassador program to better respond to the sisters. For more information on becoming an Asteria Hair brand ambassador and experiencing the benefits,

Contact us by filling out the form below, please.

Fill out this form to join Asteria Hair Brand Ambassador
How will you promote Asteria Hair?
Get the hair you’re going to use to create content!

Any Hair from Asteria Hair.

By placing a new order or the hair you’ve ordered from Asteria Hair before.

No matter whether it’s Bundles to sew in or make bundles with closures into a wig or wig install, etc, they are all good content.

And anyone who participates in this program will have a $15 cashback privilege, the cashback would be made after the content is posted and notified to Asteria Hair Team.

Earn More from your content posted

Contact to get your private promotion link, which can be tracked. And put your private link where your post is.

If your content is posted on Instagram/TikTok, it’s better to list your private link in the bio link. If on YouTube, you can list it in the description box.

Put it where your private link can be found easily, cause one order from your private link, you will have a 10% commission.

Post your content

If your content about the Asteria Hair item is posted on Instagram, please tag @asteriahaircoupon and invite us to be the collaborator.

If on Tiktok, please @asteriahaircompany.

If on Youtube, please add "Asteria hair" into the title.

Contact Us to start tracking the link

After the content is posted, please inform our team to track it, please send a message to us, for example,” I join Asteria Hair ambassador program, my email is, I just post a video on Tiktok, the link is**, I need the $15 cashback which is Asteria Hair brand ambassador privilege and pleases kind track my private link. “Now it’s time to see how your content works!

To join this program, One people 2 content the most 1 month!

By participating in this program, you agree to Asteria Hair's re-use of the content you create.

1. How many followers do I need to be a Hair Brand Ambassador?

Many sis who is willing to become our brand promotion ambassadors may just want to expand their social followers and do not have many followers yet. Our promotion ambassador program is to help these friends, and we hope that more capable people can create more exciting content, so the answer is you don't have to have certain amount followers.

2. When will I get my privilege and commission?

After posting your content.

If it’s posted on Instagram, please contact our Instagram account@asteriahaircoupon.

If it’s on Tiktok, contact @asteriahaircompany.

If it’s on Youtube, email us at

If on other platforms, contact us at

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