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Shipping & Delivery



Country Shipping Price(USD) Delivery Time
United States of America 0 FedEx/USPS/DHL/UPS(2-5 Business Days)
USA 30 1-2 Business Days(But for certain items, details, check here.)
United Kingdom 0 GES(3-6 Business Days)
U.S. Virgin Islands, U.S. Guam, U.S. Puerto Rico 25 DHL(2-5 Business Days)
Germany 0 GES(5-10 Business Days)
France 0 GES(5-10 Business Days)
Canada 0 DHL(4-7 Business Days)
Australia 0 DHL(3-5 Business Days)

1. To order online only.

2. Other Countries, please check it at checkout page after get your address completed, or contact the service before ordering, Email:

3. If there are irresistible factors, please contact the local carrier customer service to verify the specific situation of the delivery. 

* Shipping Time may vary due to unexpected factors, such as bad weather, public holidays, covid or other disease policies, etc. We appreciate your kind understanding for any possible inconvenience.

4. To flash sale or limited sale items, item-total lower than $100, there will have a shipping cost of $25 needs to pay, except the USA.

*Updated on Feb.2023.



Order processing time 

The processing time means time between payment and shipment, which shows in the description box on the product page, it differs because different items have characteristic differences, the inventory, the preparation of goods, and production time differs. 

You will receive an order confirmation e-mail within 1 hour after payment, to check again if all order info are correct.

Please note that the processing time may be longer if your personal shipping info is wrong, or your address undeliverable, or other unexpected issues come up. In that case, we will contact you within 24 hours.


Track Your Order 

You will receive a second e-mail once your order has shipped, which will include your tracking number and a link to follow the journey of your package.

If there is a problem with your tracking number or package delivery, please get in touch with the courier directly prior to contacting us.

Please allow 1-2 days for the tracking information to show.

In some rare cases, the tracking information may not update but you will still receive your order. Please contact us after the estimated delivery time.

 You can use the tracking number on the following tracking links to find the tracking status.







International Taxes And Duties 

International customers are responsible to pay any applicable inbound duties, taxes, and any other fees which your local Customs authority deems appropriate. These fees are paid to your local carrier or government and are not collected by Asteria Hair, and thus cannot be refunded.

Please note that DHL pays on your behalf for any duties and taxes that are due on the goods, as soon they enter the country. This simple process ensures that the courier can deliver your package in the shortest possible transit time. The goods are released to you only upon fully repaying any duties and taxes paid on your behalf. On some occasions, you may receive an invoice from DHL after the delivery of goods, for the charges they have paid on your behalf at the destination, plus a small administration fee.


Wrong Address Disclaimer 

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that she or he enters the shipping address correctly.

The cost incurred due to the buyer’s delivery delay or address modification shall be borne by the buyer.

The buyer need to pay for the cost incurred due to the buyer's cancellation or return of the order halfway for personal reasons.


Delivered But Not Received

All of our shipments include Tracking Number with Delivery Confirmation.

If the tracking information confirms that the item has been delivered to your order address but you have not received your order, please check around first(neighbors, family, leasing office, monitor, etc), if still can't find it, contact the couriers and us in order to investigate this issue.

We cannot be held accountable for packages where tracking information states the package has been delivered to your order address.

Please keep tracking your package to make sure getting the package successfully.


Additional Notes

The local logistics deliver packages on business days (Mon. - Fri.).

Therefore, to ensure your parcel will be delivered to you safely and punctually, please provide your shipping address in which you can receive the package on workday. Please make sure your phone is on because the shipper might contact you via phone.

Some shipping services may need the customer's signature to complete the delivery. If we ship the package to your delivery address and someone signs for it, we will not be responsible for any loss or theft of the package. Therefore, please make sure that you or an authorized person are at the delivery address.


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