The notion that African American women cannot wear BLONDE BUNDLES WITH CLOSURE has been entirely thrown out the door and is apart of the past. Black women can effortlessly pull off any hairstyle and hair color; when it comes down to hair rules, there is none. However, some critics still believe that blonde hair is “ill-fitting” for women of color which discourage many from trying the bold hue. Fortunately, there is no need to figure out if blonde hair looks good on African American complexions because it does! If you are one of those women who hear that blonde is not for black women, read longer to see how you can prove critics wrong, while finding the perfect hue for you! Here’s why African American women love 613 Honey Blonde Brazilian Hair Bundles.


The ultimate fear African American women face is if the 613 BUNDLES WITH FRONTAL will not “look right” or “look natural.” The issue with this is because you have to find your shade or even add dark roots for more of a natural flow. You have to treat your hair as if you are shade matching your skin. With 613 blonde hair, there is so much versatility that can be added to make it your own. Highlights, lowlights, balayage, ombre, the list is endless! There’s indeed a blonde hue out there for you, so let's find it!


Feel like 613 blondes won't look natural, dark roots will be your best friend! Dark roots paired with 613 blondes on dark skin is the image of perfection! Dark roots save lives, no but seriously it can save you and your hairstyle.

613 blonde hair suits every shade and tone of black skin so perfectly; it’s puzzling why it’s just becoming so popular amongst the African American community.

Platinum blonde will always be a “risk” to many African American women, but given the techniques of today, this look can easily be taken from disaster to “being snatched.”

Even if you do decide against dark roots and wear 613 blonde hair, it will be perfection beyond compare, just give it a try! If you don't love it, customize it to your liking.

What You Will Need?

613 blonde hair extensions, be sure to choose your ideal length and texture.


Toning shampoo.


Disposable gloves, running the risk of colored hands because you skip this step is inevitable without them.


Flatiron or wand, and brush for styling once dry.

Steps To Tone Your 613 Blonde Extensions

Fill your sink or a large plastic bowl with lukewarm water.


Add a squeeze of shampoo to the water and swish it around until it is dissolved into the water.


Using a small piece of hair to test the product, dunk it in the water and gently massage the color into the hair.


If it works accordingly, continue throughout the rest piece by piece.


Rinse the shampoo off.


Start with the pieces that you dipped first.


Rinse thoroughly to ensure no residue is left.


Drain your sink or bowl.


Condition your hair extensions after toning them.


Apply conditioner throughout each piece and leave on for about 5-10 minutes to allow hydrations.


Rinse thoroughly to leave no greasy residue.


Place your extensions on a towel and pat dry to remove excess water versus ringing them out. Either way, allow them to air dry.


Once fully dried, brush thoroughly and straighten them to rid flyaways.



Essential Tips When Toning Hair Extensions:

Always practice on one piece first.


Treat your extensions with care, be delicate.


Keep your extensions moisturized.


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