After the Chinese traditional festival, the Spring Festival, spring is coming.We wrote an article before to teach everyone how to care human hair wigs in winter,But how to care hair properly in spring?Today,we will tell you some methods to make your hair keep in good condition in spring season.

Everything rejuvenates in the spring naturally. The weather is often considered ideal to improve the condition of your hair bundles as well. That is mainly because you will not have to fear cold winds that cause dry hair or all that frizz when you get out of a warm shower.  It is a perfect time to nourish your hair follicles and strands and give your hair health a quick boost.

Moreover, hot showers, central heating, etc. are the primary reasons you have damaged hair, but you cannot survive winter without them. That is why beauty experts suggest making the most of spring season. You will not only get a chance to get frequent massages or to apply various hair masks, but you can also style your hair the way you want throughout the season.


1: Lighten Your Mood With A Fresh New Colour

As the days get longer and the mood lifts with the extra sunshine, haircolor will also be lighter for the season. Brunettes can consider going a shade lighter for spring while maintaining a tone that suits the skin. It’s also likely that your skin tone will start to change with more exposure to sunshine. Now is the perfect time to re-assess the level of warmth or even go for a complete change. This Spring, redheads will be more golden with subtle tonal variation created with new hair painting techniques, and blondes are brighter and clearer with a Scandinavian feel.


2: Celebrate the Change of Season With a New Haircut

Spring brings sunshine, along with the wind and rain so Summer can feel a long way away. To mark the season and shake off Winter blues a fresh new cut is just the thing. Sharp, shorter shapes feel fresher, and cutting off longer locks is a great way to literally lighten the way you feel.


3: Say Goodbye to Winter With a Scalp Treatment and Exfoliant

You may want to consider a scalp cleanse and exfoliating treatment to remove excess build up of oils and pollutants from winter. Now is the perfect time to have an in-salon treatment to brighten your hair wigs and make you feel like a new person. Or you can opt for at-home care. 


4: Thinking About Your Beach Body? Make Sure Your Hair is Ready For Action Too!

Summer is just around the corner. If you’re thinking about your beach body and ramping up the exercise regime to shake of winters excess, your hairstyle will need to be versatile enough to wash and go.  And if you’re working out more, you’re probably washing your hair more. Choose a haircare regime that’s going to protect your haircolour and be great for everyday use.


5: Clean Up Your Act With the Correct Shampoo and Conditioner

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be around the house. Now is the perfect time to refresh your hair cleansing regime. Your stylist will have the latest on the right hair cleanser and conditioner to suit you, or visit us online to discover the best professional quality shampoo and conditioner options.


6: Book Your Appointments Early for Spring’s Special Events

This is the time for events. Spring racing carnivals, the first barbeques and party season are all just around the corner. Think about embellishing your hairstyle with a decorative barrette, headband, hairclip or pins. And there’s nothing better than having your overall look finished with the perfect do. Wether it’s a classic blowout, a simple but elegant updo, or something that pushes the boundaries, your stylist can help guide you to the ideal finish. So book your appointment now.