What's the most impressive thing you've experienced in recent years? Presumably, the epidemic must have its place, the pandemic has had a big impact on our lives, especially the economy, a lot of people don't earn as much as they used to, but we still want to be beautiful. Now welcome to join asteria hair's points program.

What is asteria hair's points program?

With Asteria Hair points, you will get more privileges, with more ways to get perks, then there will be much more discount on your orders. The points can be used to any of the hair on our website.

How to use Asteria Hair points.

100 Reward Points = $1.00

You can use your reward points at the checkout page, choose and enter the number of points redeemed for your purchase, and enjoy the corresponding discount.

All in all, the more points you earn, the higher discounts you can enjoy.


How to earn Asteria Hair points?

1. Sign up

Sign up an account on Asteria Hair, get 100 Asteria Points.

2. Login Chanllang

7 days Login Chanllange Log in your Asteria Hair account continuously every day, get more points rewards.

Please not that if you miss one day, you will need to start again.

1st Day Log In, 10 Asteria Points

2nd Day Log In, 10 Asteria Points

3rd Day Log In, 15 Asteria Points

4th Day Log In, 25 Asteria Points

5th Day Log In, 50 Asteria Points

6th Day Log In, 70 Asteria Points

7th Day Log In, 70 Asteria Points

Continuous login on the eighth day and later, 70 points per day!

3. Place Order

For every dollar you spend at asteriahair, you will earn 2 points.

4. Writing your review

After you getting your hair, just share your experience with us, and leave a review on our website. Your reviews will always help other girls to choose their favorite hair!

5. Like on Facebook

If you have Facebook account, things will become much easier. Just click Like on Facebook to us, you will get 10 points!

FAQ About Asteria Reward Points

1. Do I have to sigin in Asteria Hair account to earn/redeem my points?

Yes. To earn reward points, you have to have your account logged in to accumulate your points. Be sure to sign in your account before purchasing. Your reward points is associated to your asteriahair.com account.

2 Will my reward points expire?

Yes, reward points will be expired after 180days.

3 How many points can be used at most?

The most you can use is 3000points.

Terms of Use

Your participation in the Rewards Points program and the administration of your Rewards Points balance is entirely at our discretion.

We reserve the right to cancel your account or adjust your Reward Points balance without notice or explanation.

If you earn or spend Points for an order which is subsequently canceled or amended for any reason, we reserve the right to reverse some or all of the Points earned at our discretion.

If you earn Points for referring additional customers, we reserve the right to review these new customer accounts and reverse some or all of the Points earned at our discretion.

Reward Points are not legal tender and are in no way redeemable for cash or any other benefit.

Reward Points balances are not transferable under any circumstances.

Your use of the Reward Points program indicates your acceptance of these terms of us.

Now it is time to use your points to get your lovely hair bundles with closure, closure wigs, lace front wig and etc..