In order to know how do you wear a headband wig, we must need to know what is headband wig first. Just like the name of the headband wig, it is a perfect combination of hair and headband. Headband wig is the best choice for lazy/busy/rush occasions, 1min ready human hair headband wigs help girls get a natural versatile look, also hairline protective.
Now, please check the guide for installing headband wigs, you can throw it on your head and go in seconds:


Step 1: Prepare your own natural hair
Comb your own natural hair smoothly, and braid your hair instead of making your hair to a ponytail, make sure your hair is flat so your wig can be stable and flat as well.
You can also wear a wig cap first, which will make your wig more secure when you wear the headband wig. If you see any stray hairs, you just need to secure them with hairpins.


Step 2: Prepare your headband wig
Regardless of whether your hair is curly or straight hair, please remember to take care of your headband wig with a suitable comb in advance to make your headband without any tangle, which will be more helpful for future steps. And as for wigs, there would usually be combs, clips, straps inside the wigs, you need to check them before wearing your headband wig, the clips and combs can help you fix the wig.


Step 3:Put on the wig
Throw your headband wig on your head directly and take the front comb up top. Take the headband and use it to tight the wig, also make sure the combs are attached. Most of the headband attached to the wig comes with relatively thin, black headbands that can easily be covered with other colorful headbands. For extra security, you can place another colorful headband to fix your wig and also hide the black headband wig,
At the same time, you can also leak your bang or natural hairline according to the headband hairstyle. Then it may look much more natural.
You do not need to use glue to install your headband wig, which can prevent bad quality glue that can cause harm to your health and hairline.


Step 4: Do stylish on your wig
The last step is when you put on your headband wig, you can look in the mirror to see if everything is natural, also, to make work more convenient, you can make your headband wig into a ponytail.


Now you have put on your headband wig, the wearing process is very fast even if you are a wig beginner, do you now have a deep understanding of the convenience of a headband wig? Let us discuss the benefits of headband again, have a headband wig, you can not only enjoy super high wearing efficiency but also help you save money, after all, it's a natural and hairline protective wig other than a lace wig. 
Don’t hesitate, just choose your favorite headband wig now!