Silk or satin scarves(or bonnets or pillowcases) are very soft and so they cushion your high quality brazilian hair against the harsh effects of the fibers from our pillowcases and bed sheets.


So why exactly should you sleep with a silk scarf?

1. To prevent breakage

Your hair may rub against the cotton material like the cotton pillowcase or bed sheet, creating friction. That friction can cause weak hair(like silk lace frontal ) strands to break off. Five strands off today, ten strands off tomorrow ( A saying “ little drops make an ocean”). And hair breakage is a major thing that hinders hair growth.

Here silk/satin scarf could reduce the the effect of friction on the hair.1160x640 px. file.jpg


2. To prevent split ends

When the hair rubs against the cotton material and breaks off, the strand may become damaged and split. The damage can travel up the hair strand and cause the hair strand to continue breaking and become thin. The worst thing is that there is no remedy for split ends of the wig made from water wave bundles with closure , you have to cut them off.  So avoid them by sleeping with a silk/satin scarf, haha,,,


3. To prevent dry hair

Silk scarves help in moisture retention. Cotton material is more likely to absorbent than silk/satin, that also applies to why you rinse the wet wig (e.g. 613 hair)with cotton towel, and dry hair is one of the reasons for hair breakage.

For the Silk/satin scarves, they don’t retain moisture directly, but they prevent moisture from being lost so quickly.


4. To protect your hair edges

Have you found that, if you sleep on your chest or side, or sleep on your back,  The friction could cause your edges to break off gradually, and the back of your hair is thin and scanty, so sleeping with a silk/satin scarf will definitely prevent these issues, very very important.



With these few my points, you would be convinced that silk scarves/ bonnet/pillowcases are the solution to most life hair problems, don’t you think so?

If you place the order on our website, you could note us you need the scarf, or bonnet, we could ship it out with your awesome hair, why not have a try?