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Buying human hair is a challenge! Because of high demand, prices keep rising and you need to choose what you buy. Many companies claim to sell human hair. Unfortunately, many stores sell human hair and animal hair. A good indicator is when you see a very low price, this usually indicates that the hair may not be 100%. Here are some industry tips to help you find your options in today's many choices.

Remy/Virgin Remy
Now, many stores says their products are Remy hair. It's important to note that Remy means that all hair has not been stripped away. This process allows hair to naturally be in a natural state, making hair look natural. This Hair is expensive, collected as a pony tail donated by a woman's head, so it is complete, from a donor, and full length. This explains why hair changes slightly in bundles. Virgin Remy's hair is unprocessed or untreated. In order to maintain the high quality of the hair, it only needs to be treated with steam without the need to use any harsh chemical.

Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian
These descriptions are common in the hair industry, but they don't necessarily indicate that this is where they collect. Brazilian hair is more of a texture, a chunky, wavy texture that keeps the colors and curls well and soft and smooth. Malaysian hair is shiny, curls and waves are steam, so they will last. Malaysia has very strong hair and likes a conditioner. Peruvian hair is thicker and thicker than those of Brazil and Malaysia, so the texture of the Caucasian hair is a lot more like that of African Americans.

Real Human hair is expensive, so pay attention to what you buy. Real human hair will last longer than those that mix with artificial or animal hair. This is not to say you can't get a good look with poor quality or synthetic hair. It is means that you need to spend more time maintaining and changing your hair than using high-quality products

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We can believe that everyone wants to have a long and silky hair, but your hair is so tangle and dry that makes you have to cut it or braid it together. Don’t be confused, Maybe you will like hair extension.

Then, do you know hair extension? Please follow me to know hair extensions.

There are many types, styles and size of hair extensions, and you can choose it as you like in hair stores, for example: 30 inch human hair weave, curly hair bundles with closure. Moreover, hair extensions have many different kinds of colors. Certainly, Hair extensions have different prices according their qualities and characters. Depending on your budget, you will can choose a style of hair you want.

If you want to have cheap hair extensions, maybe you will choose buy a hair made of synthetic fiber, it’s cheaper but it doesn't seem worth having. It will not be used for a long time just about 5-6 months. Its color is brighter but looks not natural. And you can’t use the heat or change any styles you want. Because the hair extensions which is made of synthetic fiber will be damaged if you use the high heat.

So the most of experts want to get the hair made of 100% natural human hair. It is remy hair and it looks so natural ,soft and silky. Remy human hair will be last for longer time than synthetic fiber. It can be dyed, bleached and restyled as you like. More than that, remy hair is always tangle free and shedding free. You can do everything you want with the hair extensions like your own natural hair. And it won’t be faded the color during using.

On the other hand, many customers always feel confused when they choose the hair extensions. There are various kinds of human hair, for example, Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Inidian hair, Malaysian hair and so on.

It was found that, Brazilian hair has been popular in the world. Most of people think about Brazilian hair is the best choice.

Most of users know that Brazilian hair is thick and pretty heavy. However, Brazilian hair is very soft, silky and healthy. Brazilian virgin hair is one of the most beautiful hair in the world. Natural colors are mainly black or dark brown. Brazilian hair suits with all types of styles: straight, body and even curly. Due to healthy, thick and durable hair, durable, Brazilian always can be used for longer time than other hair types. Because of this, most people prefer Brazilian hair extension which is cut from a single young people from Brazil. 


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