As people's acceptance of wigs has increased, so the problems people have encountered in using wigs become more, and we found that many of the problems are the same, maybe we can find some common solutions. In today's blog , we will share our insights with you.

  1. Get the wrong wig size

  All people should know, wearing a wig that not fit your head, it will not only cause discomfort, but also will make look unflattering. For example, if you would like an large size wig, however you got a medium cap size, or small cap size, you may feel tight and possibly have a headache. While, if you're are small cap size, but purchase a medium size wig, your wig won’t be secure steady and will slip around! So, it is better to wear a wig with right cap size without any discomfort.

  Solution: To avoid shopping for a wig that doesn’t quite match your head right, certify your head size before buying by mensuration it and comparison it to the dimensions of the wig you’re curious about buying.

human hair wig


  2. Ignore natural hair

  If you've got natural hair beneath your wig, notably if that hair is weaker or cutting, it's imperative that you simply take care of it yet. Doing this suggests that if you’re carrying the wig to vary up your look or as a short lived live if you’ve suffered temporary hair loss (such as once gestation or serious stress), you won’t risk any permanent injury.

  The solution is simple, as well as take off your wig in the night, wash your hair and moisturising once necessary.

  3. Too much heat are used

  Applying an excessive amount of heat nearly always results in irreversible harm to a human hair wig.

  Solution: Please minimize the use of hot tools, even when you use hot tools, be sure to use reasonable temperatures

  4. Pluck too much the hairline

  While much baby hair continues to be all the fashion, it's really best to not pluck your baby hair too much. When you are using hair that is not yours, you've got to create it look as natural as attainable while not doing too much baby hair. Less is more. Pluck the hair too much may cause the balding of your wig.

  Solution: Please tweak in sections and pluck fewer hairs at a time, then investigate the hairline to work out if you must keep going. Besides, don’t stop at an area too long time. Finally, confine mind to use sharp, pointed tip tweezers.

human hair wig

  5. Over bleaching the knots

  Over bleaching the knots will not only weaken your knots ( if bleached for too long), it additionally prevents your wig from as natural .

  Solution: Make sure your bleach consistency suitable and then use a spatula to apply the bleach evenly. Remember to leave the bleach on the wig for a reasonable time.

lace front wig

  6. Not secure the wig

  Wig will fall off or start shifting, if people don’t properly secure their wigs. It would be a particularly embarrassing thing for a wig to fall off in public.

  Solution: Make sure to use the combs or adjustable band in your wig.

  Of course, there are more problems than these, we will continue to share with you, and pls do not hesitate to share your opinions with us!