They’re ingratiating

Gone square measure the times of shrouding your face behind locks and locks of hair. It’s time to create a press release and brag those cheekbones! A cute, short vogue hair wig extenuates and attracts attention to your natural beauty, feat you feeling sexier, sassier and additional assured.


They’re on trend

No doubt you watched the celebs at the Oscars strut their stuff down the red carpet. Well, this year, it wasn’t simply the dramatic dresses that got heads turning. What did? Short hair and pixie cuts of course! And it’s not simply at the Oscars, from Janelle Monae to Scarlett Johansson, A-listers all over square measure rocking the pixie cut hairstyle. That’s right, short hair is back and it’s additional stunning than ever!


They’re cash savers

If you’re searching for the way to save lots of cash, short vogue wigs square measure the answer! Short wigs will prevent cash in 2 ways: less product and fewer injury.

– Less product: place merely, the shorter your hair, the less shampoo and conditioner you would like to use to urge your wig sparkling. As a result, bottles of hair product last longer, saving you cash on the weekly shampoo look.

– Less damage: in contrast to longer hairstyles, short wig designs square measure exposed to the weather considerably less, which means they don’t injury as simply (be gone brittle and broken hair!) and last longer. That’s right, short wigs can look fabulous for extended, thrifty you from having to shop for a brand new wig.


They need less maintenance

If you decide for cropped locks, hair maintenance can now not be a duty. Instead, with short wigs taking a fraction of the time to dry and magnificence, you'll have longer to try and do the items you love! Hassle-free hair? affirmative, please!


They keep you cool

A chic, short hair wig will facilitate to stay you cool throughout the hotter months, permitting the wind to submit to your neck and scalp.


They’re healthier

Short wigs square measure acknowledged to be healthier than longer wig designs. Why? the solution is twofold: less exposure to the weather and reduced heat injury.

Less exposure to the elements: once you opt for a brief wig vogue, you're limiting the number of hair exposed to the weather, shielding the hair fibres from stress and prolonging the time period of your wig.

Reduced heat damage: As short wigs look fabulous in next to no time, less time is spent styling the hair with heated product like hairdryers, straighteners, crimpers and curlers. As a result, split ends and breakages square measure a factor of the past.


Some of our favorite Short Wig Styles: