In hot summer, swimming has undoubtedly become one of the most popular sports for young people. Swimming exercise can improve muscle quality, maintain joint health and be beneficial to cardiovascular health. Then, for those who wear wigs, whether they can wear wigs normally when swimming has become the most important issue. Next, let's discuss this issue.


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First of all, there is no problem wearing a hair wig to go swimming. However, this is not completely absolute, there are some precautions:

The wig must be firm and not easy to fall off. Otherwise, it is easy to fall off when swimming or soaking in water, which will affect yourself or others. If the wig accidentally covers your eyes or blocks your respiratory tract, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Wigs should be washed after swimming. The swimming pool is a public place, so there will be more bacteria. In addition, the chemical composition in the swimming pool will affect the hair. Therefore, it is very important to maintain personal hygiene and the hygiene of human hair wigs.


So, how should we get ready to swim with wigs?

 Before swimming

It is recommended to apply conditioner before swimming, which can protect your hair.

Before swimming, mix the skin care element with water, apply it evenly to the hair, and rinse it after a quarter of an hour. Hair conditioner forms a protective film on hair, which can effectively isolate chlorine in swimming pool or salt in seawater.


When swimming

Hair can be protected by wearing a swimming cap

The swimming cap is a must. The swimming cap can reduce the contact between hair and water by more than 90% and avoid long-term soaking and friction of hair.

The water in the swimming pool will be disinfected with liquid chlorine or bleach. However, these two substances are strong oxidants. If you don't wash your hair in time after swimming, it is easy to cause serious damage to your hair, which will not only make your hair lose luster, but also make your hair yellow and fragile.

It should be noted that the swimming cap should be worn as tightly as possible to prevent water from entering. Swimming cap is special for swimmers, but many friends don't pay much attention to swimming cap. In fact, it not only affects the beauty, but also for your health and hair maintenance. When choosing swimming cap, you must pay attention to the quality of swimming cap, so as to prevent water from entering and reduce damage to hair


After swimming

Some people don't use shampoo after swimming, just rinse it casually with cold water, or simply wipe their hair dry with a towel and don't wash it again, which will leave germs and endanger their health.

After the hair is soaked, it is easy to harbor bacteria, and the chlorine in the pool water will directly damage the hair, resulting in withered, yellow and dry hair. Therefore, after swimming, you must wash your hair carefully and immediately, and then use some hair conditioner or hair oil, which can effectively remove chlorine or salt in your hair, so as to avoid damage to your hair caused by these residual substances.

Btw, when washing your hair, choose some mild shampoo with as little alkaline as possible, and then use conditioner.

In addition, avoid drying your hair with a hair dryer and let it air dry in a dry and ventilated place. Due to the high local temperature of the hair dryer and uneven heat transfer, the hair will be damaged.


Hope this article is helpful to every girl who loves swimming!