Beer is not only a good drink with low alcohol precision, but also has the effect of beauty and hair care. Research shows that beer contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, which are good for improving muscle function, strengthening nervous system and nourishing skin. In addition, beer contains vitamin B and zinc, which can effectively enhance the body's immunity, help remove excess water and fat, improve skin conditions and prevent aging. Beer beauty can nourish the skin, prevent infection, make the rough skin delicate, smooth and tender, and also have a certain auxiliary effect on facial skin diseases. Washing hair with beer can treat scalp pruritus and excessive dandruff. At the same time, it can also moisturize hair.

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Can I wash my hair with beer?

Beer can wash hair, but not everyone is suitable for washing hair with beer. If the skin itself is sensitive, it is not recommended to wash hair with beer. When washing your hair with beer, choose the right shampoo and put the bought beer into the basin for washing your hair. According to the amount of beer, add about ten times of warm water, and control the water temperature at more than 30 degrees. Warm water will make it easier for hair to absorb nutrients. When you add water, you will smell a faint smell of beer. At this time, the water appears light yellow, which means that the amount of water is OK. Wet your hair and massage the scalp and the root of your hair, so that your scalp can absorb more nutrients. Massage for a few minutes, pour out the dilution of beer, wash your hair, get rid of the smell of beer, wash your hair with the usual shampoo, and then clean it according to the conventional steps. The effective nutrients in beer have a good therapeutic effect on preventing hair from drying and falling off, and can also make hair bright. If you insist on washing your hair with beer for a long time, your hair can turn yellow slowly, and the hair will be soft and natural in color.

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How often does beer wash your hair?

Once a week. Frequent hair washing with beer will not only make the beer lose its original hair care effect, but also stimulate and damage the scalp and hair, make the scalp dry, make it easier to produce dandruff, make the hair dry and nutritious, and make it easier to knot. Therefore, when washing hair with beer, we must master the correct use frequency and give the hair sufficient buffer time.

How to wash your hair with beer?

Beer can not be directly introduced into our scalp and hair. Even if it is the remaining beer, because a certain amount of beer still stimulates the scalp. The best way is to open the cover of the remaining beer and volatilize it for a period of time. If you are in a hurry and don't have so much time to wait for the beer to volatilize freely, you can mix the remaining beer directly with hot water and stir it evenly before use. Using beer shampoo needs to go through the normal shampoo process. After using beer shampoo instead of directly using beer shampoo in the case of dry hair. The amount of beer used generally depends on the quality of your hair. You can't pour it directly on your hair. Generally, wash your hair with beer after normal cleaning, and finally rinse it with warm water for 2 or 3 times.

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Precautions for washing hair?

1. Comb your hair before shampoo, which is a detail that many people tend to ignore. Combing can not only promote the blood circulation of the head skin, reduce the winding and wear of the hair and hair breakage caused by shampoo, but also loosen the dirt and scales (i.e. dead skin cells) on the scalp, which is convenient for the next step of cleaning. So be sure to comb your hair before washing it

2. Thoroughly wet hair, comb the hair to the side of the head, tilt the head and wet the hair from top to bottom with a warm water of about 40 degrees. Make sure that the underlying hair is as wet as the upper part of the hair, so that it can produce enough foam with the shampoo.

3. Use shampoo correctly. Many people are used to shampoo directly daub on the hair, but do not know this method is wrong, should be the right amount of shampoo in the palm of water after dilution, hand rub out the foam, and then evenly daub on the hair, squeeze the hair, and then rub. First, the high concentration of shampoo without dilution is easy to remain in the scalp, directly stimulate the scalp. Second, foam is used to block hair friction and prevent damage.


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