“Can I sleep in my wig?” is a question that many people ask, especially the girls who wear wigs every day. So why are so many people paying attention to this question? The reason is very simple, because girls also want to show their new look to their family at home, or they want to save time.

sleep with wig

  In my opinion, we need to divide this question into two situations for discussion.

  If you can not avoid to sleep in your hair wig, and want to keep your wig in a good status, we need to do some work before sleeping:

1.Wrap your hair

  Too much friction can cause damage to your hair extensions, so you need to tie your hair into a ponytail or put your hair in one place, and then find something to wrap your hair, this will avoid damage to your hair caused by friction.

wear a bonnet

2.Choose the right pillow

  Choose a pillow with a smooth surface, such as silk or satin, because the surface of such a pillow is very smooth, so the friction is greatly reduced.

3.Comb your hair in the morning

  By wrapping your hair wig and choosing the right pillow, the damage of wearing a wig to sleep has been reduced a lot. But the following thing is still very important.

  When you get up in the morning, remember to use a comb to comb your hair. Don't be lazy. If your hair is tangled, then your this job would be very important. Also if some parts of your curly or wave hair wig becomes straight, you can also use some hair care products to take care of it.

  By doing the above things, you will minimize damage that will caused to your wig if you sleep in your wig. If you don't do these jobs, the friction between the hair and the pillow may cause the hair to be tangled and become frizzy, we believe that no one wants to see this happen.

  If not necessary, we do not recommend that you wear a wig while sleeping, because the lifespan of your wig may be shortened sometimes. At the same time, the friction between the hair and the pillow may cause your wig to be tangled and shedding.

  When you want to sleep, you can take your wig off, and put it in a suitable place,like put your wig on your hair model, and re wear it in the next day morning.

  If you think take off your wig in the evening and wear it on next morning wast your too much time, then you can try some special wig that are easy to wear and take it off,like headband wig. Headband wig is the best choice for lazy/busy/rush occasions, headband wig can be installed very soon, you don’t need to take too much time on wearing it.

headband wig

  Now do you understand the problem? And don’t hesitate to tell us your thoughts!