To be honest, it’s not a decent plan to sleep in your wig. Sleeping in your wig can significantly cut back the lifetime of your wig, as friction might continually exists between your hair and pillow which can cause tangles, frizz, and status of your wig. But, it’s quite common that individuals have it off a lace front wig on. If such things happen, bear in mind the subsequent tips can assist you cut back the harm that sleeping in your wig can cause.


For many folks with hair loss, sporting a wig is sort of a security blanket, particularly if you're living with somebody. although sleeping in wigs isn’t ideal, it will be done! the foremost necessary variable with regard as to whether or not sleeping in your wig goes to destroy the wig is what quantity you progress around in your sleep.


If you're a log and don’t move, you will not notice the maximum amount wear and tear as shortly as those - like myself - WHO tend to thrash in their sleep. It conjointly depends on however usually you're attending to be sleeping in a very wig. If it’s solely each therefore usually, you're most likely not attending to notice a lot of harm, however if this is often associate everyday prevalence, I can’t promise it won’t be simply broken. Sleeping in wigs will take its toll on the hair and fibers; but, there ar ways that to try and do it that ar safe and feasible.


Prepare your wig before sleeping

Too much friction can harm your wig. to cut back friction whereas sleeping, you'll braid your wig or place it in a very coiffure and pin or tie it into place. Then, try and warp your head with a silk or fabric scarf.


Use a silk or fabric pillow case

Besides making ready, you'll conjointly use a silk or fabric pillow case. this might conjointly cut back matting, tangling and alternative friction connected problems.

Brush your wig totally within the morning

When you rouse, fastidiously nevertheless totally brush or comb your wig to get rid of any knots which will have fashioned long. Don’t be lazy and simply let the knots on, the knots are terribly tough to maneuver. If your hair appearance flat in some areas, use a bit water, leave-in conditioner or wig spray and gently fluff it.



Buy an alternate wig

Give your wig a possibility. contemplate get an alternate wig, typically modification another wig to wear. By the way, once begin the wig, keep in mind to clean and store it properly.


Though none of those square measure instant protection or can keep the hair fully safe, they're going to keep the hair nicer, longer! Regardless, whether or not you're carrying the wig nightlong for comfort or just accidentally, the most effective issue you'll be able to do is maintain an everyday wash and care system and rotate wigs as usually as you'll be able to to stay them nice, fresh, and cozy.