Sometimes I suddenly want to have a fresh curly hair, but I don't want to cut my beautiful hair. The sister with short hair will also want to try the feeling of long hair for a moment, but her hair will not grow for a year and a half. Wig sets came into being, allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of becoming beautiful. So, what details should we pay attention to when choosing and using wig sets

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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of wigs

1. Vision: visually, the first feeling of a good wig is real and natural. Fine workmanship and high-quality hair materials are the first elements to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of lace front wigs. Secondly, the attractiveness of style is also very important to personal preferences.

2. Feel: the bad wig feels dry, heavy and old-fashioned. The dreamy wig has a uniform proportion of hair, light and plump, smooth feel, which is a very natural feeling.

3. Workmanship: it is normal for a wig to lose hair. A single inferior wig is particularly easy to fall off and difficult to take care of. The needle eye at the scalp is thick, the hair line is crowded, and it is easy to fall off the scalp. The inner net cap is rough by hand and is not easy to dissipate heat.

4. Safety: depending on the manufacturer, usually the wigs produced by small wig manufacturers are often mixed with low-quality hair or made entirely of low-quality hair in order to maximize profits, but the low-quality hair is not flame retardant and has chemical toxins


Wig materials on the market are mainly divided into three types: 1 synthetic hair, 2 human hair, 3 synthetic hair and human hair. To choose a good wig suitable for daily wear, you need to first understand some wig knowledge. Let's have a look!

1. Types of wigs on the market

Wig materials on the market are mainly divided into three types: Synthetic hair, Human hair, Synthetic hair and real hair. First of all, synthetic hair wigs are generally not realistic. For people who need to wear wigs every day, it's best not to buy them, because this kind of wig is really "fake", but it's ok if they're just bought for fun. Human hair is the most expensive wig, which can meet people's daily wearing needs. The combination of synthetic hair and human hair can be purchased at a moderate price, and it is also very realistic.

2. Wig mesh

When choosing a wig that you often wear, you must pay attention to the comfort and ventilation of the mesh. When you buy it, you should try it on to see if you feel uncomfortable, and then pull the elastic band inside the wig to feel the tightness. It doesn't fit too loosely or too tightly

3. Hair of wig

If you want to know the quality of hair, burn some hair with a lighter. If there is an unpleasant smell, it is inferior; You can also press the air outlet of the highest hair dryer on the wig for about 5 seconds. If it is human hair, there will be no abnormality. If it is other materials, it will send out an unpleasant smell.

4. Choose your own hair color

When choosing wig hair color, try to choose the hair color suitable for your skin color. Beautiful women with fair skin color can choose light brown and brown yellow; The beauty with black complexion chooses black or brown; The beauty with yellow complexion chooses chestnut and dark brown. If you need to touch the light to wear a wig, choose wine red, yellow, orange red, Fuchsia, etc.

5. Precautions for maintaining wig

There are taboos for wigs of each material. Synthetic hair wigs cannot be washed with hot water, blown with an air duct or exposed to the sun; Real hair can be slightly shaped with an air duct, and it can be placed in the hair net to keep the hair fluffy; The mixed hair of synthetic hair and real hair can't wash the wig with a powerful detergent such as detergent instead of shampoo.


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