For many, human hair wigs are an investment that the wearer wants to keep for the long haul. Fortunately, with proper care, human hair wigs tend to last over a year when worn daily, and up to three years when worn occasionally.


Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Human Hair Wigs


·Wig Hair Color

The lighter the wig hair color, the more chemical treatment it will require. Therefore, the lighter the hair, the more fragile the result of the wig.

Also suitable for high texture (wavy, curly, curly or similar) hair used in 100% human hair wigs.


·Length of human hair wigs 
Human hair The longer the hair used in a wig, the greater the risk of wig life

Like real hair on a human head, hair on a wig can be damaged by brushing, grooming, grooming, or even friction when the hair rubs against collars, clothing, or human skin.

Whether you brush the wig from your face with a comb, brush or finger, you will still increase the wear and tear of a 100% human hair wig.


·How often you wear a wig

Just like anything else in life, the more you wear and use a 100% human hair wig, the faster it wears out.

The more you wash and style, the faster the life of the wig will end. The more often you wear a wig, the faster it will wear out. This is the truth, plain and simple.


·Consider the environment

Protect your wig from unnecessary exposure to excessive heat or smoke or similar external environments, which can shorten the lifespan of any type of hair.


How to make human hair wigs last longer


·Wash Your Wig, But Not Too Often

Take extra care when carefully washing your human hair wig and make sure to follow the instructions at all times. To prolong the life of your gorgeous human hair wig, read our guide on how to properly wash a wig.


·Styling Products Carefully,not frequently

When using wig styling products such as straighteners and curlers, be sure to use them at low temperatures. When you use these products, be sure to use a heat protection spray and avoid styling products near the roots of your lovely human hair wig.


·Carefully blow dry your wig

The individual strands of human hair wigs tend to be attached to the cap using a knotting technique. If you overuse your hair dryer, this can cause knots to become loose, which in turn can lead to a person's hair loss.


·Don’t Wear The Same Wig Everyday

Most people who wear 100% human hair wigs buy multiple sets of the same color and style, or the same color or different styles. It can help you extend the life of each wig by alternating wearing each version on different days.


·Store Your Human Hair Wig Properly