Perm is very popular in today's society. Men and women of any age are more enthusiastic about perm. Perm can change the shape and color of hair extensions, so as to make our shape more beautiful and our mood more pleasant.

Although perm can bring us endless beauty, it is necessary to take care of our hair if we want to make the shape lasting and keep the hair from being damaged. How to care after just perming your hair? Let's learn about it and let you learn simple nursing skills if you want to have a perm.

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1. Combing

After perm, especially just perm, you must comb your hair gently to avoid damaging the freshly set hair. Don't pull hard, it is very easy to break your hair, and it will also make the new hairstyle out of shape. It's best to choose the wooden comb with tooth comb. The wooden comb is good for the roots, and the sparse teeth are not easy to hurt your hair, while the plastic comb is easy to generate static electricity.


2. Cleaning

After ironing and dyeing, the hair is easy to become dry and easy to break. When buying shampoo, you should buy ingredients containing vitamins A and F and plant essential oil or olive oil, which can help moisturize the hair, strengthen the internal structure of the hair and make the hair elastic

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3. Hair care

Perm has a lot of damage to hair, and these injuries can't return to normal. Many people don't pay attention to the care of their hair after perm. Their hair becomes more and more messy, dry, yellow, forked and so on. Therefore, we can only rely on the nutrition in hair care products such as hair mask to supplement the nutrition and moisture lost by perm.

1) Hair film

Hair mask is a product that moisturizes hair. It contains rich nutrients and moisture, and has the effect of deep maintenance of hair.

Do hair mask care at least once a week so that your hair can absorb a lot of nutrients and store them in your hair. When these nutrients accumulate to a certain extent, the hair will become smooth and healthy. In fact, this healthy hair absorbs the nutrients in the hair film, making the hair temporarily healthy. Once the care is stopped, the nutrition in the hair will slowly lose when washing the hair, and the hair quality will become worse and worse. Finally, it will return to the original state, and all previous achievements will be wasted. Hair care is a long-lasting process, and once or twice is of little use

2) Essential oil

Applying essential oil can make our hair soft. Generally, we apply essential oil when the hair is almost dry. Do not apply it in the direction of the roots, but at the end of the hair. However, we should not apply too much essential oil, otherwise our hair will easily become greasy.

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4. Do not use hair dryer

After a perm, usually do not use a hair dryer to blow the hair, because the use of a hair dryer can dry the hair and affect the appearance. However, if you want to dry, you can only use medium cold air instead of hot air, which will look fluffy and reduce the direct damage of the hair dryer to the hair If you don't dye your hair, blowing with a hair dryer will also hurt your hair. Therefore, don't use the hair dryer too much to damage your hair after ironing. We still suggest that you use a towel with high water absorption to wipe your hair first, and then dry it in the air.


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