When changing a new hairstyle, hair quality, hair characteristics, face shape and so on should be taken into account. If you think your friend or sister has a beautiful hairstyle, it's good to be like them. But the most important thing is to see what hairstyle is best for you. Whether your hair is soft or impetuous, whether you have straight or curly hair, there is always a hairstyle for you.

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A good hairstyle is one that suits your face. For example, if you have a square face, it is suitable for multi-level hairstyles or waves to soften your edges and corners.

Knowing your face shape can help you choose the right and wise hairstyle. To determine the shape of your face, first comb all your hair behind your head. Then, facing the mirror, mark a circle on the mirror along the circumference of your face with something easy to wash and bright color such as lipstick or butter.


Method 1: determine the hair length according to the face shape

Round face: the round face has soft lines, slightly wider under the forehead, and the cheekbones are slightly wider than the forehead and chin.

The round face is suitable for layered long waves slightly beyond the chin, fashionable layered bobs, bangs, or shoulder length hair.

Curly hair or waves, exaggerated long bangs are good choices for a round face.

Avoid the same length and rigid classic wave head.


Square face: square face is characterized by wide forehead, wide cheekbones, wide chin and clear edges and corners.

If you want to cut your hair, you can choose long glossy hair and layer it from the chin position. It's good to have a long wave head in front and a short wave head in back, an irregular layered shape with personality, or a fringe that sweeps your eyes.

In terms of modeling, you can try curly hair, or simply comb all your hair to the back of your head and tie a horsetail or ball head to expose your beautiful jaw.

To avoid rigid bangs or waves of the same length, they will appear square.


Oval face: oval face is a little similar to round face, but it is not round, but oval. The oval face has soft facial lines, usually the same width as the forehead and chin, and slightly wider cheekbones.

Oval face can control almost all hair styles. So what the oval face should do is to find the bright spot on the face, and then highlight it with your hairstyle. If you have a good chin line, set it off with a slightly sloping wave head. If the eyes are beautiful, neat bangs or oblique bangs will make them more eye-catching.、


Triangular face: the triangular face is just opposite to the heart-shaped face, with wide chin, small forehead and clear edges and corners.

The triangular face is suitable for exaggerated oblique bangs, about to the position of the jaw, or fluffy short hair, or long hair of clavicle and below.

Tie a fluffy ponytail and let your hair fall naturally on both sides of your face.


Long face: the proportion of the whole face is basically the same, and the forehead, cheekbones and chin are almost the same width.

Eyebrow bangs, oblique bangs or chin length wave heads can visually increase the width of the face. Short hair is more suitable for a long face. Long hair will make the face look longer.

Curly or wavy hair can increase the width of the face.

Hairstyles below the clavicle are not considered.


Method 2: Choose your hairstyle according to your hair quality

Different people have different hair qualities, some thin and soft, some thick and curly. Therefore, the hairstyle should also be "tailored".

For example, fluffy short hair is more suitable for less straight hair, but not for curly and more hair.

If you don't have much hair, but it's very soft, don't choose regular long hair, which will look childish. Instead, try a hairstyle that makes your hair look more layered and shoulder length or above.

It is not recommended to try flat bangs, oblique bangs will be better.

If your hair is thick, with some natural curls, don't cut it short, otherwise you will have explosive heads like Christmas trees. Curly hair still needs a certain length to let it hang down.

The length of hair should be at or below the chin. The more curly the hair, the longer it is recommended to stay.

If your hair is medium thick and the hair quality is normal, there is basically no concern. You just need to choose your favorite hairstyle according to your face shape.


Method 3: Choose the hairstyle that suits you best

Although it is important to choose your hair style according to your face shape and hair quality, you can also boldly try various shapes and find your favorite in your heart. Try different hairstyles in the mirror to see how they will change. If you are curious about what your short hair looks like, you can fold your hair up in half. For boys, you can try onions or oil heads.

In fact, the most important thing about your hairstyle is whether you like it or not, and whether it is suitable or not. It is the most important thing to make you happier and more confident.

Refer to the hairstyles of celebrities with the same face shape as you to see if you like them. Search your face on the Internet and you will always find pictures of people similar to yourself.

If you find your favorite hairstyle, ask the barber to cut it for you according to the picture.

If you really don't know what hairstyle you want, you might as well talk to a professional hairdresser. You don't have to toss around, the hairdresser can give you a lot of constructive advice.


After reading this article, if you have any better suggestions, please leave a message to us in the comment area at the bottom. I hope we are all more and more beautiful!