Nothing saves women's time, energy, or even money more than a low-maintenance, long-lasting hairstyle. This is one of the many reasons why lace wigs have become all the rage. Lace wigs not only look like your own hair, but if used properly, it can maintain your personal style for a long time. By wearing a wig, you can also get any style, texture or length you want, and it can also be customized and dyed according to your preferences. Although these things will cost a bit initially, the money you save during your constant salon trips will make the human hair wigs worth the money.

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Apply lace wig solvent

There are many solvents specially made for lace wigs on the market. These solvents can and will soften the adhesive for easy removal. Or you can use isopropyl alcohol directly, it is also very effective.

First, you should apply solvent or alcohol to the wig, use a cotton swab, makeup tool, or a small brush to wipe repeatedly along the front and back hairline, gently pulling it. Continue to do this until you feel the grip of the wig weaken enough to pull the skin apart. After using the solvent, the wig will not slip off as soon as it is pulled. Instead, you may need to carefully pull a small part of the wig to pull it up. Remember to be careful when pulling, because you don't want to tear the delicate lace. If you do damage it, you have to spend money to buy a new one to replace it.



Remove the wig gently

Although it is tempting to pull the wig down once the glue is loosened, it may be the wrong approach. Because you may have to miss some areas with strong adhesion, pull hard and eventually tear the wig. Therefore, please remember to be patient and careful to remove the wig headgear. If you are impatient with this process, remind yourself that you have spent a lot of money on wigs, which are worth your treatment.

Because replacement and repair of wigs can be expensive. Then carefully grasp an area with your fingers and pull it, and then apply solvent to the adhesive area again until you feel the glue loose. Once you are sure that the headgear (and any applied hair) can shake freely, you can carefully remove it from your head.


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Clean your skin

Olive oil is very suitable for removing the glue remaining on the skin and hair (here refers to glue wig). You can apply it to the glue with a cotton swab and rub it gently. Any kind or brand of olive oil is fine, they have the same effect, we just hope to use it to reduce the viscosity of the glue.

Once you have removed most of the adhesive, you only need to use soap and water to remove the remaining adhesive. Before putting on the wig again, this may be a good time for you to shower and wash your hair. Please remember that only clean skin and oil-free hair can prolong the life of the wig and be very healthy for your scalp.


Wash and clean your wig

Although you can wear it on your head for washing, our suggestion is that you first soak your hair in water, then use a light oil-free conditioner to spread it evenly, and finally soak it in the conditioner for 20 minutes, and finally Dry the excess water on the headgear with a towel, and remember not to rub it. Place the wiped headgear in a cool, ventilated and dry place to dry naturally (if you need to wear it quickly, you can put the lace front on the wig holder, and then place it under the hood dryer until you are ready to put it on Put it back on your head)

Use a wide wig brush to comb your hair, try not to pull the wig, and store the wig in a silk bag or on a wig stand in case you need to replace the device on your head.

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Buy a regular wig to wear when you are allowing your unit to dry after a washing. Although it doesn't have to be the same texture (for all anyone would know, you simply blew it straight or curled it) it should have a similar color or cut. That way, you can keep your style going as you allow your unit a chance to take a break from daily wear and tear.