More and more people wear wigs, and wigs will help us be beautiful and confident. Then Eevery girl should have more than one wigs, and you will not wear the same wigs all the time, the wig will always be taken off to change to other wigs, so what is the best way to store wigs? so as to prolong the life of the wig.

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  1.What should we do before storing?

  1.1 Wash and look after your wig

  The best way to retain the worth of your wig is to treat it such as you treat your natural hair. Wash your wig with a wig-friendly shampoo and condition it properly. This helps take away buildup from wigs, giving it a bright refulgency and glow.

  1.2 Make sure your wig is totally dry

  After cleansing your wig, make certain that it's fully dry. Storing a wet or damp wig can do a lot of hurt, it's associate atmosphere for molds and mildew, which might cause any injury to the hair. The best thanks to dry your wig is by going away it to air dry.

  1.3 Detangle Your Wig

  Detangling your wig properly can stop it from losing its style. It's best to detangle with a conditioner to avoid breakage. Some individuals conjointly choose to detangle and elegance their wig before storing it, therefore it's easier to wear once required.

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  2.How to store your wig

  2.1 Store Your Wig in its Box

  For the short items, storing your wig within the box it came from is that the best approach. Wig boxes unit designed to stay your wig in good condition, therefore they’re the right place to stay them. It’s conjointly straightforward to stack these boxes, creating this a small-space-friendly approach. Before you store your wig, simply confirm the wig is completely combed and take care to spray it with a spray, just like the Revlon renewing twin Conditioner, to stay the wig robust. Return your wig to its box, cover it, then place it in your closet.

  2.2 Store Your Wig on Wig Heads

  Storing wigs on wig heads is typically the popular wig storage technique. This is often as a result of the Mannequin or foam wig head can facilitate maintain the fashion and form of the wig. If you've got enough house in your closet or space, it is best to let wig heads to show your wig assortment and elegance them properly.

  However, if you are don't have enough house, you can still get pleasure from this technique by obtaining one or 2 wig heads that you simply can use daily. Wig heads are simple to use and keep your wigs wanting their best. If you're thinking that you’ll get a bit spooked from totally different mannequin heads gazing you in your space, you'll be able to choose a Cork Canvas Head or a transportable Wig Head Stand.

  2.3 Store Wigs in Silk Satin Wig Bags

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  In the hair community, silk is sometimes most well-liked as a result of its ability to retain wet. Hence, satin bags good for storing your wigs to stop them from obtaining dry and matted. Satin bags makes it straightforward to hold and open. It's conjointly large enough to carry over one hair wig at a time.

  Of course, you can also store your wigs on wig stands, in wig travel box, or store your wigs in wig storage bags with hanger. Welcome to share your idea with us~