Asteria Hair solely sells human hair. Before shopping for a replacement human hair wig for our store, folks would surprise however long a replacement wig will last? typically, 100 percent human hair wigs are often used for 6-12 months, if you defend the first human wigs well, you'll be able to use them for 1-2 years. To be honest, however long a lace front wig will last depend upon its technique and maintenance technique. additionally, there area unit several factors that have an effect on the life of human hair wigs.

The quality of the lace wig?

The material of the lace wig is incredibly vital for the life. Virgin human hair with a whole cuticle encompasses a longer service life. However, remy human hair while not a whole cuticle needs a lot of careful care than Virgin human hair and encompasses a shorter life.

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What actions scale back hair lifespan?

1,Chemical processes will shorten the utilization time of the wig. Human hair wigs are often artificial , colored, permed, and styled, whereas folks ought to pay a lot of attention to the process method, like the time of the chemicals on the hairs, and temperature of the heating tools, and therefore the volume of the developer. All the process can cause harm to the cuticles and block the longevity of the wig.

2,Care ways also will have an effect on the longevity of the wigs. The wigs ought to even be shampooed and conditioned as people’s hairs in daily time, which may build the hair last longer. folks may use hair grease, or do a hair mask weekly to worry for his or her hair. Besides, the life of the human hair wig is additionally associated with however typically does one wear it. The less you wear, the longer the hair will last.

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How to build a personality's Hair Wig Last Longer

1,Wash finely, finely wash your human hair wig with further attention and make sure to forever follow the manufacturer’s directions.

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2,Style once once best to vogue your cold wig once slightly damp to create positive the hair doesn’t become too brittle. as an example, if you would like to achieve a cold curl, it’s best to place rollers into the hair once wet instead of mistreatment heat styling merchandise.

3,Blow-dry your wig with caution,the individual hair strands of human hair wigs tend to be hooked up to the cap employing a fastening technique. If you overuse a hairdryer, this will cause the knots to become loose and successively, end in the human hair shedding..