Have you ever cried in silent for not owning long, smooth, and glossy hair with completely different hairstyles to enjoy? does one typically feel pissed off not knowing what to try to to together with your short hair for an evening hangout? If your head is shaking furiously, you’ve come back to the proper place!


Why Don’t Hair Extension mix straightforward with Short Hair?

Before diving into the way to hide hair extensions in your hair skilfully, let’s explore why it’s therefore laborious.

The main downside is that hair extensions aren't as natural-looking on short hair as they're on longer hair. this is often as a result of extensions square measure generally made up of artificial hair, and that they seem heaps a lot of pretend on short hair.

Additionally, once you have short hair, people’s eyes can naturally draw to the ends of your hair, and this won't be the design you wish.

You must notice a mode that creates your hair look longer for a natural result. many various designs will try this by increasing the thickness and volume of your hair.

Now that we all know why it'd be a challenge let’s explore the way to conquer it. Here square measure recommendations on the way to with success mix hair extensions into short hair.


How To Hide Extensions In terribly Short Hair?

1, Trim or Cut the Hair Extensions

When you have short hair, short extensions can look a lot of natural than long extensions. so as to match your hair extensions with short hair, you'll purchase extensions between 16-18 inches from the market. If your hair is shorter than chin length, you'll even opt for shorter extensions.


2, Select an appropriate color

The ladies, World Health Organization square measure enjoying their attractive ombre or balayage hair, ought to choose the proper color that matches the ends of their hair. albeit you've got a darker original color, most of the wefts occupy at the crown of your head. they have to mix a lot of with all-time low than the highest.

3, Use fewer wefts

Wefts square measure the individual clip in sections you attach to your hair. If you're trying to find additional volume and length on your hair, you'll use many wefts, however to own a straightforward time concealment the extensions, use one or 2 wefts.

4. Strive passementerie Them

Braiding the extensions will facilitate to mix them in. If you've got short hair and hair extensions, you'll braid them and create the extensions a small amount thicker and a lot of natural-looking.

5. Use Clips

It’s pretty common for individuals with short hair to prefer smaller clips. However, these don’t mix in as simply because the larger clips. this is often as a result of the smaller clips don’t mix in from the front further.

When you use a bigger clip, you’ll be ready to mix the hair extensions out of read from the aspect. additionally to the present, the larger clips also will move around less, and you’ll have less of hair extensions showing.