It is no secret that keeping long and beautiful hair requires careful care. We can do something to prevent hair tangle, to let hair always looks so smooth. Especially for long hair, we have to constantly deal with knots and tangles in life, Today we will introduce these tips.

What Causes Hair Tangling?

1,  When the hair lacks nutrients, it will be drier and more likely to cause problems such as hair loss and tangles.

2, Sleep with your hair every night, If you sleep with your hair on, your hair will rub against the pillow, causing hair strands to break and increase hair tangle, especially sleeping with wet hair.

3, Not brushing hair daily or overbrushing,For example, our own hair, if we don’t comb it, it will lead to tangles. Especially the hair wig we wear every day, with no combing, the oil or residue that is built up over time can disrupt the health of your hair. 


How to prevent hair tangles?

1, Detangle before you wash.

Detangle your hair before styling and wash, not detangling your hair can actually cause the hair to shed more than expected, another inportant step to detangling is using the right detangling method depending on the texture of the hair. Curly texture(deep wave, water wave, deeep curly, and kinky curly, ect)reguire more care than straight or body wave textures, Use your fingles to comb sections of the hair with a light conditions ot moroccan oil to detangle.

2, Use A Wide-Toothed Comb

Combing your hair with a wide-tooth comb can reduce tangles and hair loss. Brush the wig from bottom to middle to the top gently with your love, the movements must be gentle, and must be combed from bottom to top.


3. Do a deep care at least once a week

Wigs used for a long time will lack nutrients, which will lead to dry hair ends. Frequent use of a hair mask can restore the nutrients and moisture on the hair, thereby making the hair look brighter and reduce tangle. 



4, Dont sleep with your wig

It’s not recommended because it might would cause tangling if not taken care of the properly. If you hair is sewn in, wear a satin bonnet, this will help prevent the tangling

5, Dont bleach or color it frantly.

Always blach or color the hair will damaged hair scales, easy to cause the hair detangle, so we should reduce bleach or color it