When it comes to cutting short hair, many girls should have heard the 2.25 inch rule, that is, we take a ruler to measure the length from below our ears to our chin. If less than 2.25 inches, it is suitable for short hair; but if it is larger than 2.25 inches, it is not suitable.

However, this method has certain limitations. If you want to more accurately judge whether you are suitable for short hair or long hair, the hairstylist suggests that we can refer to the following standards!


Criteria for cutting short / long hair

1: Hair volume

People with less hair will have the trouble of sticking to the scalp once their hair is long. When the hair is not loose enough and flat, it will obviously show fat and face. Therefore, it is more recommended to cut it short and improve the lightness of the hair style to visually increase the hair.

On the contrary, if it is a person with a large amount of hair, because the hair will burst when cutting short hair, it is necessary to thin the cutting level to avoid looking like the head is a circle larger, so it is more recommended to choose medium long hair or long hair to improve the weight of hair and show a small face.

2: Head body ratio

Relatively speaking, if our head body ratio is not particularly superior, for example, the head shape is too large, or the proportion of upper and lower body is the same, then cutting short hair will highlight the advantage of body proportion, make the head look smaller, and the whole person will be pulled higher and look fresher.
Especially for young girls whose height is not particularly tall, if their hair is too long, it is easy to give people a feeling of top heavy. It is recommended to choose short hair or medium long hair.


3: Facial features

We can see examples of female stars who often cut short hair. Their facial features are three-dimensional and exquisite, especially their eyebrows and eyes. Another thing worth noting is that extremely short hair is very attractive, because it will reveal the shortcomings of facial features and face shape. The blank space in the lower half will shift the focus to your neck and face shape. Girls with square faces will be more square when they cut their faces; A short haircut will make the neck thicker. Therefore, extremely short hair is only recommended for girls with thin face or large sense of facial features.

4: Face shape

Short hair can weaken the shortcomings outside the eyebrows, eyes and nose. For example, girls with square face or round face can try to modify the face shape by short hair in the ears or long hair in the clavicle. Girls with long face and round meat face can also match Liuhai to increase the sense of sweetness and youth!

5: Temperament & Style

If we have many sharp facial features and strong facial lines, girls are very suitable for short hair and clavicular hair. Through the handsome and refreshing of short hair, we can show the feeling of full attack. The great beauty with a particularly charming, romantic and fairy style is more suitable for long hair than short hair. Because their own style needs hair style and hair volume to create, the finishing effect of choosing long hair style is the strongest, and the goddess atmosphere can be presented completely.


6: Shoulder neck line & flat head type

When choosing hair style, we can't ignore the matching degree with our personal temperament! For example, a very spiritual girl, it is difficult to reflect their personal style during the long hair period, but after cutting their short hair, the feeling of playfulness, loveliness and youth burst out in an instant

If the shoulder neck clavicle line is very beautiful, the neck is slender and the clavicle is beautiful, don't block these beautiful skin with long hair, it's a pity! Choosing to cut short hair can highlight the advantages, make the neck look more slender, just like the swan neck, and improve its elegant temperament.
In addition, if we are flat headed people, it is also highly recommended to choose short hair. Through the hair style level to cover up the shortcomings and full head shape, you can achieve the effect of smart and Fairy Spirit in the front and petite and delicate face in the side.


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