There is no doubt that lace wigs are an important thing to help us become beautiful. Sometimes, however, lace wigs can also make us irritable, that is because if with improper operations, our edges might be losing. So methods about avoid losing your edges while wearing a lace wig become an important thing that women are searching for.

  Today, let us talk about the methods.

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 1. What are the risks of wearing a wig?

  A thinning hairline: Wigs of all types run the danger of thinning your hairline, principally due to the friction between the wig and your natural hair.

  Bald spots: Patches of hair are probably to be forced out thanks to the excessive tugging of wig combs throughout the install and takedown method. Bald spots may occur thanks to excessive shedding from a chronic installation and tight braids.

  Scalp irritation: Itchy, stained bumps, or raised follicles are caused by tight actuation of hair throughout trim, lack of or improper hygiene, or redundant use of adhesive gels or glues.

  Mildew: Mildew may be a surface flora that forms on the scalp thanks to on-the-spot results of poor healthful practices, like carrying a unit for extended than counseled, an absence of routine washes, and most significantly, effort wet or damp hair underneath an interior area.

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  2. Methods about avoid losing your edges while wearing a lace wig

  2.1 Glues and Adhesives

  While adhesives aren't the safest of choices, they have a tendency to provide the foremost natural-looking results. We tend to advocate exploitation adhesives for special occasions solely, like weddings, graduations, holidays, and as meagerly as attainable. ORS oil Fix-It Grip Gel immoderate Hold and Got2B may be a trusty choice Pro-tip on removal: to minimize the chance of harm, select a prestigious wig adhesive remover like Walker Tape C22. Apply the adhesive with a q-tip to carefully loosen the glue and slowly take away your wig at the same time. Follow up with an elucidative shampoo to get rid of any excess residue, and make certain to get rid of any glue residue from the wig itself.

  2.2 Wig Grip

  Always place the grip right behind the hairline. If it were to own direct contact, harm will occur. the purpose of the wig grip is to permit your edges to breathe while not excessive tugging—place it behind the hairline wherever there's only enough house for a cozy, snug-suited wig. Refrain from outsized or ill-fitting choices as you'll be a lot inclined to use snagging hairpins to carry it into place.

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  2.3 Don't wear an incorrect size

  Wigs that fit too tightly can cause hair loss and breakage around the perimeter of the head hairline, so it is also very important to choose a right cap size.

  2.4 Remember to let your wigs to take breaks

  Although the wigs unit is convenient, sometimes people may forget to require care of their own hair and take off the wigs. Remember to remove and replace your wig regularly, and do some care for the wigs.

  If you are a wig lover and wear wigs often, and have your own thoughts, then pls let us know.