Ladies, we think you guys all have a lot of experience in wearing wigs. During this process, have you have encountered any embarrassing things? Like your wig suddenly fell off, or it is very unnatural to wear the wig on your head, or the wig lifting? In either case, we believe that as long as it happens, it's embarrassing enough, so let's discuss some tips to avoid wig lifting.

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  1. Reason about wigs keep lifting

  We will list the reasons that may cause the wig to keep lifting, you can see which situation you have encountered: you need more wig glue; you sweat a lot; your area has a humid climate; washing your face or bathing let hairline meet water.

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  2. Methods to avoid wig lifting

  Make certain that your skin is freed from oil and perspiration before applying your lace wig. Oil on your skin can result in your lace wig lifting and reducing the length of your time that your wig remains connected. Use 91% alcohol to get rid of any oil from the perimeter of your hairline.

  Make sure that your wig doesn't rest too way down on your neck at the rear. Hold your head back and appearance directly up at the ceiling. If your lace wig extends past the crease at the rear of your neck once you hold your head during this manner - your wig can perpetually raise at the rear. change by applying Frayblock and cutting the surplus lace and hair of the wig away. Cut from the rear rather than at the front hairline. The front hairline of most wigs feature natural hairlines and will have bleached knots and baby hair. Cutting into this front portion may lead to AN unnatural trying front hairline.

  Wrap it up. Your lace front would possibly look hearth after you head to bed, however if you don’t bring to a close you’ll be rousing to a matted mess. You’ll got to add correct closure care to your nightly routine to stay recent. ne'er head to bed with a wet weave. ensure that the hair is dry to avoid tangles which musty wig smell. Instead, gently brush through your dry wig and closure. Then, tie on a silk or textile scarf. A textile cap or pillow also will do the trick. currently you'll be able to toss and switch without concern concerning breakage or tangles.

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  The last rule of bonding is to listen to the cleansing agents that you simply use on your lace unit. it's a documented undeniable fact that adhesives and oils don't combine. However, many ladies use oil primarily based merchandise like ooze Gone or C-22 to get rid of adhesive residues from the lace on their units. confine mind that employing a product like this could interfere together with your wig bond throughout sequent wig applications. If you employ oil primarily based removers or cleansing agents on your unit, it's smart plan to cleanse the unit with a grease medium like Dawn Dish detergent to cleanse away any oil remaining oil residues.

  Hope our suggestions will work for you, and come and buy your lace wigs from Asteria Hair!