Generally speaking, it is difficult to make an appointment for an excellent hair salon. Once the appointment cannot be made, we can only do it ourselves. However, home coloring is not just about smearing and smearing! It also tests your experience and skills. Collecting years of experience in hair coloring, we have sorted out 5 key points of DIY hair coloring. Let's see if you know this.

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1. Avoid using moisturizer before hair dyeing

The most taboo of hair dyeing is uneven coloring and poor color holding power. It fades as soon as it is colored with warm water. If you want to avoid difficult and complicated problems in coloring, first of all, you should absolutely avoid using styling and repair products such as moisturizing cream, hair mask and hair wax before dyeing your hair! Most of these hair products are rich in oil, which will affect the color holding power of hair dyes. If you don't pay attention, your previous efforts will be wasted.


2. Don't wash your hair the day before

Most people must have heard of this. That is, you can't wash your hair the day before dyeing! The reason why I didn't wash my hair the day before is that the sebum secreted by the scalp can protect the scalp and avoid the risk of irritation and sensitivity caused by the dye directly contacting the hair muscles. In addition, two days before hair dyeing, also remember to do the skin test first, apply the dye on the inner side of the wrist, wash it after standing for 48 hours, observe whether the skin has red, swollen and itchy reactions, and then perform the hair dyeing procedure.


3. What must be done in 60 minutes

Don't doze off when applying hair dye! Most hair dyes on the market are rich in chemical components. Even for plant extract hair dyes, their pigment particles may cause discomfort on the scalp if they stay on the scalp for too long. Therefore, try to wash most of the dyes with warm water within 1 hour after the dye is applied, and then match with the corresponding temperature and color protection


Asteria Hair Human Hair

4. Dyeing hair

In recent years, the style of spot dyeing is very popular. Sometimes, due to the needs of white hair and pudding head, it must be dyed locally. This seemingly technical spot dyeing can also easily DIY at home! In terms of skills, before dyeing hair, you can apply the hair film on the non dyed hair to form a protective film with the hair, so as to avoid dyeing the parts that do not need to be highlighted when washing, and avoid uneven dyeing of hair at the same time.


5. Rinse with cold water

The last little detail that many people will ignore is the temperature of water!

When washing the hair dye, it is recommended to wash it with slightly warm water and cold water. Because the overheated water will open the scaly surface of the hair (also known as hair scales), it is not only easy to stimulate the scalp and hair twice, but also the dyed hair color will be excessively washed away!


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