Now dyeing and perming are the trend of hair style, but how to take care of your hair at home after dyeing and perming is actually the key to maintaining hair quality! Here are five steps for hair stylists to protect their hair at home, which can not only help keep your hair soft and dry, but also not afraid that your hair will dry like grass!

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Hair care steps after dyeing and ironing

1: Combing before Shampoo

First of all, before washing your hair, you must remember to comb your hair with a wide tooth comb and comb your hair until it is completely soft and free from knots! Because if you don't comb your hair first, it's easy to hide dirt between your scalp and hair. In the long run, you won't be able to get enough nutrition at the end of your hair. It's also easy to cause knotting and hair breaking when washing your hair!

2: Use shampoo after your hair is wet

When washing hair, many people wipe shampoo on their hair when they are wet at will, but in fact, the hairstylist suggests that they should completely wet their hair with warm water (rinse it for about 1 minute), and then start washing their hair, so as to clean the dirt in their hair and avoid knotting because the hair is not wet enough.

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3: Towels do not rub wet hair

After washing your head, using a towel to dry your hair is a necessary step before blowing your hair, but this step is also the key to making your hair better or worse! When the hair is wet, the Cuticles is open. If you rub it with a towel, it is easy to damage the Cuticles, which makes the hair dull, even rough and easy to break! The hairdresser suggests that after washing your hair, just press the hair with a towel until it doesn't drip.

4: Avoid blowing your hair backwards

Blowing the hair upside down is easy to make the hair pieces be blown away, which will of course cause the phenomenon of hair irritability and non pliability. Hairstylists said that in fact, they only need to dry their hair from top to bottom along their own hair flow direction, so as to avoid the problem of Cuticles being blown up.

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5: Blower temperature

The last point is the temperature of the hair dryer! High temperature can easily damage hair, especially hair dyed and permed. Therefore, hairstylists suggest that in addition to the scalp, you can use cool wind to dry the rest of the hair tail. If you are not used to it, you can also change to cool wind mode after the hair is blown to 70% or 80% dry.


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