During this article, we’ll undergo the foremost common causes of dry hair and what you'll do to resolve and fix your dry hair woes.

Dry hair is caused by variety of external and internal factors. External factors embrace things just like the weather (cold weather = drier hair), however typically you wash your hair (over-washing will strip the hair of its natural oils), the hair product you employ (are they stuffed with alcohols and drying agents?), hair tools you employ, or chemical styling and colouring. Internal factors embrace the foods you eat, however hydrous you're, any medications you'll air, secretion imbalances, and even biological science. Let's dive deeper into this.


Wash Hair

If you wash your hair typically, you'll surprise why is my hair thus dry, still? Dry hair is caused by lack of wetness, as you recognize, and lots of can attempt to remedy this over-washing. an enormous no-no. Over-washing your hair really strips it of its natural oils and shine not solely inflicting dry hair, however dry and generally, fidgety scalp.

Environmental conditions.

These embrace a dry, hot climate, frequent sun and windage, and frequent exposure to chlorinated or salty water.

Lack of protection.

Each strand of healthy hair contains a protecting layer known as the cuticle. even as shingles defend your home from rain and sun harm, the cuticle protects your hair from heat and sun harm. in an exceedingly healthy cuticle, the layers lie tightly along and keep wetness in. once a cuticle’s layers separate and peel removed from hair, it can’t hold wetness and a few oil escapes.



How does one Fix Dry Hair?

Wash your hair less typically. you'll be ready to flee with laundry once or double per week rather than daily. (Many individuals will.) As a bonus, once you shampoo less often, you will not have to be compelled to dry and heat-style your hair the maximum amount.

Use a gentle shampoo.

Product created specifically to assist dry hair can have fewer drying detergents.

Use a conditioner.

Select a moisturizing conditioner. It’ll keep hair cuticles lying flat so that they hold in natural oils.

Avoid alcohol.

It dries out your hair, thus select hair product while not it. Use natural oils. Massage hair with coconut or jojoba oil.

Trim split ends.

They contribute to it nappy look and feel. Removing them will create hair feel sander.


Take your vitamins (and minerals).

Iron, vitamin D, folate, B, and antioxidant will facilitate keep your hair healthy.

Try an expert deep learning.

If none of the choices on top of helps, raise your stylist regarding this treatment.