Hair care actually has a lot to do with the weather, because when the seasons change, the temperature and humidity will change greatly, so the way of hair care should also change accordingly. So, how to care for your hair in autumn and winter? What should you pay attention to in hair care in autumn and winter? This article provides a few tips, I hope it will be useful to you.

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● How to care for hair in autumn and winter

1. Isolate sunlight

It is difficult to manage hair in summer and autumn. Due to the high temperature, the scalp sebum and sweat will increase, which will lead to the flooding of oil. When the ultraviolet rays irradiate the cuticle of the hair, the hair will become very dry and frizzy, so this Be sure to isolate the sun when you go out, and try to block the sun with umbrellas and hats when you go out, so as to fundamentally block the ultraviolet rays. >> Asteria New Arrival

2. Adjust the amount of shampoo

The more shampoo, the more thorough the removal of scalp oil. However, due to the increase of age, the secretion of scalp oil will gradually weaken, and the damage and aging of the hair will become more and more noticeable. At this time, it is necessary to reduce the amount of washing. The amount of shampoo should keep the water and oil of the scalp at a normal level. The foam of the shampoo should not stay on the hair for too long, and it should be at least one minute when rinsing, so as to ensure cleanliness.

3. Consolidate hair color

Chlorine and minerals in natural water will damage the hair color, make the original shiny repair no longer exist, and become very dull. If you want to make the hair shine again, you can install a filter device on the shower head, which can It can greatly reduce the damage of harmful substances in water to the hair. In addition, beauties who like to perm and dye their hair should insist on weekly care and provide the most comprehensive and in-depth nutritional supplements to their hair, so that they will be radiant. Asteria Hair provides colored hair wigs, which one do you prefer?

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4. The method of drying your hair after washing

Many people either dry their hair arbitrarily after washing it, or use a hair dryer to dry it, which makes the hair not only dry, but also split ends, dull, etc. The correct method should be to wash the hair and use a towel. Gently press to absorb the moisture, and use the hair dryer to dry the hair with cool or warm air. Keep the hair dryer at a certain distance from the hair to avoid damage to the hair. Wait until the hair is completely dried before combing with a comb.

5. Regular hair care

The most common problems with hair in autumn and winter are dry, disheveled, broken hair, etc. In addition to the damage of ultraviolet rays, the scalp will age in advance, and the hair quality will become very fragile. The key to hair care at this time is not only to deeply clean the hair, but more importantly It is necessary to regularly care for the hair, deeply repair the damaged part, let the nutrients penetrate into the hair core, and form a natural protective film for the surface of the hair, so as to show the healthy and strong side.

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● Precautions for shampooing hair in autumn

When washing your hair in autumn, pay attention to moisturizing your hair. It is best to wash your hair at noon or in the afternoon during the day, so that your hair has time to dry naturally. Rub a rich lather on the palm of your hand, the cleaning effect will be better, wash your hair from top to bottom, do not pile your hair on top of your head and wash it together. Clean the scalp well, especially oily scalp, remember to push the scalp, not scratch the scalp. Raise the roots of your hair with your hands, quickly shake the hair dryer to dry your scalp, and blow the hair until it is 70% to 80% dry, then let the hair dry naturally, and the hair will be more fluffy and supple.

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