HD stands for "high definition". HD lace could be a royal lace material that wont to be referred to as Swiss lace, and that is invisible once applied to the scalp. This ensures that the wig-wearer will have associate exposed hairline, that appearance terribly natural and renders the lace on the hairline extremely undetectable.


HD Lace is that the thinnest lace there's. This lace disappears into the scalp like no alternative. you'll be able to finally, constant lace that your favorite celebrities are.


How long do HD wigs last?

How long do human hair wigs last? really, there's nobody precise answer.


But you have got illustrious, the HD lace wig span life that may be up to the standard of the HD lace wig you bought. If you bought a top quality HD lace wig, it might last longer.

Normally speaking, if you employ undetectable HD lace front/closure wigs in an exceedingly correct manner, the HD lace wig can last a minimum of eight months to at least one year underneath excellent care.


Just pay attention of the HD lace wig like your own hair, the higher you cared for your clear HD lace wigs, then it'll last longer. Next part, we are going to show you the way to increase the lifetime of your clear HD lace wig.

In a terribly general answer, 100% human hair and lace wigs sometimes will last 1- three years. Taking excellent care of your wig is important to prolong its life and build it well worth the investment!



How To look after HD Lace Wigs?

Before you start laundry the HD lace wigs, make certain all glue residues are removed.


Use a comb designed for a wig and a wide-tooth comb to brush curling hair. Gently brush hairs from all-time low to attenuate shedding.


Use lukewarm or cold water to scrub your HD lace wig.


Apply the hair conditioner and keep in mind to not add conditioner to the basis of the wig. Leave it for 3-4 minutes and continue rinse with water.


Pat dry the wig with a clean towel. place your wig on a stand or mannequin head and let the hair air dry.



Description of Asteria HD lace wigs:

New HD clear lace wig, new trend swiss lace, it's additional natural than medium brown lace, blends well with the foremost hair weave and an ideal match to human scalp, simple to bleach and mix.


Updated new HD lace material that's additional light-weight, soft and delicate and appears additional clear than traditional lace, which might soften into our skin additional dead, that makes the hairline additional invisible.



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