As hair stylists become more expensive, more and more people are more inclined to choose human hair wigs products.Because it is not only easy to be installed, it also saves an installation cost.But weather is so hot, right? So many people don’t know if they can continue to wear their wigs. Today, let’s talk about how to keep your head cool during the summer and how to choose a fit hair extension.

Can you wear wig in summer?

Of course you can, honey. Just need to note two things, length and density.

If you plan to go somewhere, like seaside, long and full hair may destroy your holiday. Choose short hair lace front wigs will make you feel more comfortable and cool in summer. As we all know, if the hair is long, you will feel hot in your neck and back. Especially, when you spend lots of time outdoor, you hair and head may full of sweat and oil. Imagine that situation, not so happy right? But Of course,Beautiful long hair has always been the pursuit of beautiful women, so Long Wigs can also appear in appropriate occasions, such as banquets, dances and gatherings between friends, Long Wigs can definitely make you the most beautiful super Star. About density, low density wigs are much, much lighter than high density wigs. So,we usually suggest our friend to choose 6x6 closure wig.Because it coulde cover head very well but light.What’s more, heavy hair will make your head feel hot. In summer, all of us want to keep a refreshing look, do not let your hair destroy it.

There is another important reason why wearing a wig is a good choice in summer. Sunlight is too strong in summer, you need to use something to cover your head, like wig, it can protect your scalp and natural hair from UV damage.


Which wig is the best choice for summer?


For these reasons, you can choose short bob wigs in 150% density, even 130% density, you can also cut your long wigs by yourself, like boy cuts, it will fit more for summer. A shorter hair style means you will have a lighter wig, less sweat and cooler scalp.


What color of wig should you choose?

It’s time to try some lighter color wig now! As we known, dark color, like black or dark brown are easily to absorb sunlight. You must have had the same experience before, when you wear dark color clothes to go somewhere in the summer, after a few minutes under the sun, you will feel burning hot on that part and hard to touch it. Try some lighter color can help you to avoid this problem. Moreover, don’t you think lighter color is belongs to summer? 613 hair color, blue, pink, purple, rainbow and so on.Those color not only can make you have a good mood, but also can make you feel cool in the hot summer. You will become one of the shinning girl in the street.

If you exactly have the same exact thought, just try it now!

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