A new color has appeared recently: skunk striped hair, so everyone may find it very strange, why is it called a skunk striped hair? First of all, if you just talk about skunks, they are an animal. They have a striking black and white fur. Just like this:



If it is hair bundles, It is a high contrast of two shades. The colors sported with this trend are mostly black and platinum blonde, it can be vividly called a skunk striped hair. Skunk stripe hair is the latest hair color trend taking over social media



There may be friends who think that stripe hair and skunk hair are very similar, but there are still some differences

Stripe hair is two or more colors in the entire hair area, Skunk hair only part of the hair is another color




You can choose different positions and highlight hair colors, and they can be combined into different styles to show a strong personal style. But the striped skunk is even more brilliant, starting directly from the most conspicuous position, and fashion must be displayed like this.


This hairstyle is very suitable for young ladies who are afraid of bleaching and harm their hair and want to have fashionable personality. There is no need for complicated operations. Simple hairstyles hide unruly attitudes.


This hair can set off the noble and glamorous temperament. It can be said to be very versatile. Different colors collide with wonderful chemical reactions. There is endless beauty between one dark and one light, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and let your hair fall away at will It highlights the charming charm of women




Match the clothes according to the hair color, and pursue the overall harmony and unity. The bright color area is very attractive, so it is worn in a small amount to avoid exaggeration. It is more refined and has a sense of styling than a black hairstyle.


The skunk stripe hair trend. has seen a major upgrade! If you’re looking for a fun way to change up your look for your life, this may be just what you’re looking for.