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Hair becomes abnormally dry after swimming, so why does the hair become dry after swimming? What should we do if the hair becomes dry after swimming? How does protect hair after swimming? Teach you how to maintain your hair when swimming in summer!

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Wigs on the market now have many colors, such as: Natural black/ Brown/ Blonde/ Burgundy. In addition to natural black, other colors need to be bleached or dyed, so they are more beautiful and attractive, because color can increase the sense of three-dimensionality and brighten the complexion.

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If you want to ask what is the most popular hairstyle in 2021, then I have to mention highlight hair wigs, especially skunk streaks highlight. As the name said, the hair has one or more broad stripes of contrasting color, much like the white stripes on the forehead of a skunk and the sides of black fur. ... Sometimes, it is not a stripe, but a part of the highlight hair, such as bangs, crowns or hair tips.

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       Short hair is very trendy now. Many people want to try it, but they are afraid of regret after cutting it short. At this time, you might want to try a short hair wig. You can see if you are suitable for short hair, or you can keep other shapes. Among short hair wigs, the bob wig is the most popular style recently.

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In fact,there are so many kinds hair bundles deals on sales now,but i think everyone hopes to puchase one Cheap Hair Bundles With Closure but good quality,right?You know,Whether you have the need for a wig because of hair loss or just want something different to change your look, give you a boost of confidence or do something fun, choosing the best hair replacement or addition takes some time and understanding on your part. There are all kinds of options out there today that you can use for your hair, so having some basic information to start with can help you to choose something that works well for you. If you are considering hair replacement options or want a new look, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about a lace closure, what it is, and the results you can expect from a wig like this.

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Brazilian Straight hair has been the best selling hair items for many reasons,It is also the best choice for many beautiful women.. At Asteria Hair Company, your gorgeous hair is our first priority. As a trust-worthy online retailer of premium hair weaves,Asteria Hair work the best to carefully select the best human hair and provide the best Brazilian hair weave for black women.


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Most women can certainly install clip on hair extensions on their own without any external guide. However , sometimes you may point the problem of extensions finding detached from the hair as well as sticking out from underneath. This will be easily solved if you do that the right way. You need three what things to install clip on hair extensions: a small tooth comb, high quality hairspray, and of course, some snap on hair extensions.

1、 If your primary hair is natural or not as straight as the attach ins you choose to use make sure you press your Brazilian Hair out by using a hot comb or hair straightening iron to make your hair as direct as the hair you are using

2、Part the a part of hair just like you do to establish a high ponytail except that in such a case (Brazilian Straight Hair), you leave a small segment at the base.

3、Put hair in a high bun on the crown of your go and put a clip about it so that it does not get in the path.

4、If your Human Hair Weave is coarse at the roots (you have new growth) You could just add your first film in

5、If your locks is fine you may need to tease and also backcomb hair roots with the minor tooth comb and put on hairspray.

6、Open the particular clip on and start by trimming the right clip on to the unclear roots of your natural curly hair, then move on to the stuck clip, and finally, the middle attach.

7、Undo the spot bun on the crown within your head and part a further section of hair at the bottom, making sure that it is just an micron above the section you just strengthened. This is to ensure that this part of natural hair crumbles just over the clip with hair extension you just installed.

8、Repeat the steps for numerous clip on extensions which you want to add, make sure that you leave more than enough hair on the top section of nice hair to cover the previous extensions.

9、When you have to work on the sides (hair stores), obtain a small section of hair three inches above the ear along with clip on the extension.

10、Using hairspray makes the curly hair a bit firmer, which shows that the clip do not detach easily.

Simplest way to style your hair after setting clip on hair extensions is with a flat iron or straightening iron. This will give you a sleek look as it helps to substances your natural hair together with the extensions. It is imperative you don't brush your hair from the root base because this can potentially move the main extensions.

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The best Human Hair Bundles in the market are the Brazilian hair and the Peruvian hair. Due to their high demand some retailers are tempted to sell the counterfeit of these brand to meet this overwhelming demand.Therefore when one goes to shop for human hair weave it is important to consider factors such as the quality, color, quantity, length or texture of the human hair weave they are interested.

Most consumers also do not know the differences between Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair. This is because most of them are processed in a similar way either being curly, straight or wavy.However they are key differences between Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair that a person should be able to identify before they make a decision on which one to buy.

Brazilian Hair
This is a type of hair whose origin is Pacific of Brazil. It comes in different colors as well as lengths. It has been there for quite some time and most people prefer to buy it. Brazilian hair has a shiny appearance and is usually smooth and soft.

Brazilian hair texture can either be full bouncy body wave or natural straight. The Brazilian hair also can be wavy, curly or straight thus giving opportunity to people to choose depending on their taste.

The curls stay for a long time than other human hairs and can go for a longer time if taken care of as it does not require specialized treatment. Most West Africa countries prefer this type of hair.

Brazilian hair is of three different types. There is Brazilian straight hair which is straight and very silky. However some have some are slightly wavy. Due to its very fine texture it can be styled.

Peruvian Hair
This type of hair originates from Peru. Unlike Brazilian hair which is smooth, it has not been in market for a long time.

Peruvian hair is coarser and has thicker texture. This type of hair comes in different colors ranging from light brown to deep brown or other darker colors. It is voluminous compared to Brazilian. However, despite its ability to being voluminous it is light in weight. It can be managed easily even when it has not been properly maintained.

Just like Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is of three different varieties. There is Peruvian wavy hair which has a hair texture which is wavy. However the waves are not curly but they fall easily behind the back without losing shape. There is also Peruvian curly hair which is steam curled to produce a wavy pattern that is tight.

This variety allows the hair to maintain its texture despite when the weather is humid or hot. The last is Peruvian straight hair which is straight naturally. This type of Peruvian hair can curl slightly when wet. It can be styled however styling requires a lot of heat.

In conclusion, before somebody decided to have Brazilian hair or Peruvian hair, it is important to understand the characteristics of each well so that they give excellent service. For instance, if one prefers to have different styles, the Brazilian hair will serve you better. On the other hand if one prefers to make their look elastic, Peruvian hair will do.

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Investing in Brazilian Hair provides the best of both worlds for your hair: extensions provide protection for your natural hair, while allowing you to try out a variety of hairstyles without worry. Those looking to invest in the best of the best, however, would be wise to invest in Human Hair Weave.

The hair used in virgin hair extensions is sourced from a single donor, has never undergone any chemical treatments. This helps the hair preserve its silky smooth characteristics, which, in turn, allows the extensions to blend with your natural hair perfectly. Unlike synthetic Brazilian Straight Hair, Virgin hair is more durable and easier to maintain.

Shopping for Hair Extensions
First of all, you should make sure that the color of the hair extensions you purchase match the color of your natural tresses. Mismatched hair extensions tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Although coloring your hair is one way to ensure your natural hair and your hair extensions match, this is not advised since the chemicals used in hair dye may damage the extensions.

Second, keep in mind that the longer your tresses are, the more extensions you’ll need. Three to five bundles will readily cove lengths 28 inches and longer, while average hairstyles may only require two to three groups of hair. This is one of the reasons why purchasing hair bundles is often a good idea.

Lastly, always choose to invest in the best. Among the ethnicities of Virgin hair extensions, Brazilian hair is highly sought-after due to its texture and volume. Investing in top quality hair extensions is recommended since high-quality Brazilian body waves last longer, allowing you to get more bang for your buck.

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Brazilian Straight Hair is sleek, shiny and has an extremely luxurious feel. However, with proper care and maintenance, virgin Brazilian Hair can last for years and multiple installs. It is very important to care for your Human Hair Weave.So, how do you take care of Brazilian hair weave properly?

Today Asteria Hair hair mall offers some tips on how to maintain the virgin Brazilian Straight Hair.

1. Treat the Asteria Hair extension as if they were your own hair.

2. Apply your 100% human hair extensions to dry and clean hair.

3. Our human hair extensions are 100% virgin hair, and we recommend washing hair with a moisturizing conditioner before installation. Co-wash the hair extension before you make any changes to it.

4. It is recommended to seal your wefts before each install. It will ensure the longevity of the hair and decrease shedding.

5. When shampooing your Julia hair extension, do not rub the hair vigorously. Rather, gently run your fingers through the hair.

6.Let your Asteria Hair extension dry naturally—don’t use a blow dryer.

7.To prevent and remove tangles, always brush your hair from the ends up, and work your way to your scalp.

8.Consult a professional stylist for installation and removal of extensions.

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Straight hair and curly hair, which one do you like more? Maybe you like curly hair at the first place, but why women with Brazilian Hair feel the need to straighten it? Is it because you will miss the smooth, silky, straight look after you get tried of you curly hair. Or do you want to curl your Human Hair Weave once a while?

Straight hair
I heard that men prefer straight locks to curly ones. So many women with curly hair straighten or get blowouts. But if your hair is chemically processed too much, your hair texture will be damaged. And since not every girl has silky, beautiful, luscious long Brazilian Straight Hair, straight hair extension become a very good option for fashion women.

Brazilian Straight Hair is 100% virgin human hair, we have Brazilian straight hair, Indian straight hair, Peruvian straight hair, Brazilian straight hair for you to choose. Colored hair weave with blonde, grey, copper red, dark brown hair color are available for you to choose.

Curly hair
Curly hair is the most popular hairstyle for African American women 2018, and Brazilian curly hair bundles and closure is best selling products of Human Hair Weave Mall this summer. Curly hair extensions give a very beautiful curl pattern, and can holds its curl very well.

Brazilian curly hair is virgin remy hair, virgin Brazilian curly hair, Indian curly hair, Peruvian curly hair, Brazilian curly hair are available at Human Hair Weave online website for customers. Choose curly hair bundles according to your own hair texture and your preference.

Human Hair Weave Brazilian curly hair give a thick and airy, sexy and attractive hair look for fashion women. 3 bundle deals, 4 bundle deals and hair bundles deals with closure are available with very affordable price. We also supply mink lace frontal and lace closure.

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More and more people buy human hair products. But how to maintain Brazilian Hair? The cleaning and maintenance of the virgin hair is very important, the correct maintenance can prolong the life of the product.The life of product is related to the Human Hair Weave number of cleaning. It is suggested that we shouldn’t wash product too much times. Once every two weeks in Summer. Once every 3-4 weeks is enough in the Winter. And there are several steps when we wash the product:

1、Comb the Brazilian Straight Hair with a specialized comb. Please pay attention, if it is curly hair, you should comb the hair with your hand.

2、Put the hair in cold water for 5-10 minutes. The soak time cannot last for a long time. Because the hair is easy to fall off if you put it into the water for a long time.

3、The hair should be hung on a specialized holder, and then then put some specialized washing liquid into clean water and wash it lightly. Do not scrub it.

4、Put it into the water again and soak it for several minutes.Hang it on the Will wash the wig, placed in the wig special holder and sop it with a dry towel.

5、Hang it into the holder in a ventilated place without sunlight.7、When it was almost dry, you should comb it with your hand.If you seldom wear it , you should spray some hair oil on it.

6、When it was completely dry, put it in a hair net punt it into a good breathable plastic should store it in a dry place.

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