Why Different Bundles Have Different Thickness

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Let’s take an example.

If you have one 12 inch and one 28 inch straight bundles hair, put them together and compare, then you will find that in addition to their different lengths, they also have different thicknesses. Do you know why different bundles vary in thickness?

As we all know, every bundle all has the specific weight. It’s about 100 grams, plus or minus 5 grams. So whatever the length you choose, the total weight of one bundle is always about 100 grams.

So the longer the hair length you choose, the little thinner the weft will be. In other words, it’s inversely proportional.

If you choose the longer length, and also you would like to maintain a full and thickness look, you need to choose the 4 bundles or 5 bundles, which will be more appropriate to make the whole look.


How many bundles are appropriate?

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The number of bundles is determined primarily by the length of the bundles. At the same time it also as well as by the following factors:

First, the combination of bundles with closure.

Normally, most people would like to choose 4*4 closure, and we also have 5*5, 6*6 closure for your choices.

If you prefer the final look about length 8-14 inches, then 2 bundles or 3 bundles with a closure will be suitable. And if you need the final look about length 16-22 or 24 inches, maybe 3-4 bundles will be more perfect. If you’re going to get the final look longer than 24 inches, at least you need to choose 4 bundles to maintain a thick look. For example, if you would like to get the 28 inches look, I suggest you order 4 or 5 bundles with a closure. That must be perfect.


Second, the combination of bundles with frontal.

As we all know, the size of frontals are 13*4, but besides, we also have 13*6 lace frontal for your choice. Because the frontals are more larger than closures, so it needs less hair weft when you choose bundles with frontal.

If you need the hair length about 8-14 or 16 inches, you can choose 2 or 3 bundles with a frontal, that will make a full look. If you’d like to get the 16-26 inches, 3 or 4 bundles will be good. And if you want you hair length more longer than 26 inches, then maybe 5 bundles is your best choice.


Last, bundles only.

Because this look is only with bundles, so it will use more hair bundles than the other combinations.

If you need the final look about 8-12 inches, in my opinion, I suggest you choose 3 bundles, that will be fine. And if would like the final look about 14-24 inches, then maybe you need to choose 4 bundles, that must be more appropriate. If you’re going to get longer length than 24 inches, 5 bundles will be good for your choices.




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