The summer is hot, and many people like to swim. A lot of people don’t wear swimming caps to go swimming. But after swimming back, the hair weaves becomes abnormally dry. Then why is the hair dry out and matted after swimming?


·Why is hair dry out and matted after swimming in the pool?

Generally, swimming pools will use a large amount of alkaline bleaching powder or chlorine to disinfect and sterilize the water, but hair bundles soaking in such water for a long time will cause certain damage to the hair. Because the chlorine water will cause the hair extensions to become abnormally dry and even dry and frizzy, it is easier to lose hair.

In order to settle particulate impurities in the swimming pool, a lot of flocculant will be poured into the swimming pool water, causing a lot of impurities to attach to the hair. After swimming, the hair will become hard and sticky. If it is not treated properly, the hair will be more dry and frizzy. It will get worse.


·Why is my hair dry out and matted after swimming at the beach?

Because the strong ultraviolet rays can cause certain damage to the hair, and the seawater contains a lot of salt, the salt can also cause the hair to become abnormally dry and frizzy.


·How to prevent hair after swimming

1. Be sure to wear a swimming cap when swimming

It should be noted that swimming caps should be worn as strictly as possible to prevent water from entering. Swimming caps are very important to swimmers. Some friends may not pay much attention to swimming caps. In fact, this not only affects the beauty, but is also very important for your health and hair maintenance, so be sure To ensure the quality of the swimming cap, this can prevent water from entering, so that the damage to the hair will be less.

2. Apply a proper amount of hair care spray to your hair before going out

3. Moisten your hair before swimming, apply a proper amount of conditioner on the hair, and then wear a swimming cap to go swimming

4. If you are going to the beach to swim, you must first spray sunscreen spray on your hair, which can block the damage of ultraviolet rays and isolate harmful substances.


·Tips for hair care after swimming

1. Wash your hair as soon as possible after swimming. Apply a proper amount of conditioner or olive oil or coconut oil before washing your hair. The best choice for shampoo is a mild shampoo that is less alkaline. The best choice is a repairing shampoo, which can greatly reduce hair damage.

2. Try to let the hair dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer. The local temperature of the hair dryer is too high and the heat transfer is uneven, which may damage the hair.

As long as you prepare your hair before swimming and take care of your hair after swimming, your hair will not dry out.