First of all, allow us to learn why you must brush your wig.


Your natural hair is a smaller amount doubtless to knot since it's given naturals oil from the scalp and people oils keep your hair lock sleek and wet. In distinction, either your human hair wigs or artificial wigs don't seem to be obtained any necessary oils thus it's vulnerable to get messed.

Brushing a wig may be a very little a lot of sophisticated than brushing regular human hair, as a bit a lot of care has to be taken. There square measure a few of rules involved in mind.


Step one Secure The Wig Steady

Firstly, place your wig on the mannequin head and pin the wig on the mannequin head with some t-pins to carry it in situ.


Of course, you'll be able to additionally wear the wig on your head and brush it as you wear it, as long as you're ahead of a mirror.


Step a pair of Apply Conditioner To Wig

Next, you wish to spray a generous quantity of high-quality wig conditioner all throughout the wig to create it easier to brush out.


Step three Section Off The Wig

Grab your wide-tooth comb and begin cacophonic off the wigs into totally different sections and use the clips to carry hair out of the method within the direction you like, which may assist you from obtaining too pissed off after you have little sections to concentrate on.


Step four Brush Wig

Take your wide-toothed comb to softly comb the hair down, begin at the lowest and work your high. Once you've got the tangles aloof from the ends of your hair, you'll be able to move up a number of inches and begin haircare down once more, understanding the tangles.


Remember to brush one section at a time. it should be a long method thus please hold back and delicate whereas brushing hair to avoid propulsion off the hair.


Step five end Brushing

Continue brushing one section at a time till the section is brushed out. throughout this method, certify that you just separate the brushed hair and therefore the tangled hair. when you're through with all the sections, pull out the clips.


Some points you wish to stay In Mind

Brushing a lace front wig may be a very little a lot of sophisticated than brushing regular natural hair, as there square measure some points you wish to stay in mind.


1. ne'er brush a wig once it's wet

It is vital to not brush a wig once it's wet, significantly if it's a person's hair wig. that's as a result of your wig is at its weakest and most vulnerable to injury once it's wet. so as to avoid for good stretching and damaging your wig, certify your wig is totally dried before brushing.


2. Brush from the lowest upwards

Brushing a wig from the roots and downwardly will cause the comb or comb to catch knots and pull strands out of your wig. Instead, brushing should begin mid-hair or a number of inches from your ends. So, begin with the ends and brush in little sections to avoid propulsion the hair, moving up your hair as you go. If your brush gets stuck, take away it and begin once more, gently.


3. Brush permed wigs along with your fingers

When caring for permed wigs, it’s best to brush them out along with your fingers, as brushes and combs will injury the curls and ruin the design.


Spending time and cash on caring for your wigs is rarely a waste. Besides, learning the way to brush a wig is one in all the simplest ways in which to treat your hair wigs properly and helps to save lots of your cash additionally. So, hopefully, when this text, you recognize the simplest thanks to brush a wig.