Most women can certainly install clip on hair extensions on their own without any external guide. However , sometimes you may point the problem of extensions finding detached from the hair as well as sticking out from underneath. This will be easily solved if you do that the right way. You need three what things to install clip on hair extensions: a small tooth comb, high quality hairspray, and of course, some snap on hair extensions.

1、 If your primary hair is natural or not as straight as the attach ins you choose to use make sure you press your Brazilian Hair out by using a hot comb or hair straightening iron to make your hair as direct as the hair you are using

2、Part the a part of hair just like you do to establish a high ponytail except that in such a case (Brazilian Straight Hair), you leave a small segment at the base.

3、Put hair in a high bun on the crown of your go and put a clip about it so that it does not get in the path.

4、If your Human Hair Weave is coarse at the roots (you have new growth) You could just add your first film in

5、If your locks is fine you may need to tease and also backcomb hair roots with the minor tooth comb and put on hairspray.

6、Open the particular clip on and start by trimming the right clip on to the unclear roots of your natural curly hair, then move on to the stuck clip, and finally, the middle attach.

7、Undo the spot bun on the crown within your head and part a further section of hair at the bottom, making sure that it is just an micron above the section you just strengthened. This is to ensure that this part of natural hair crumbles just over the clip with hair extension you just installed.

8、Repeat the steps for numerous clip on extensions which you want to add, make sure that you leave more than enough hair on the top section of nice hair to cover the previous extensions.

9、When you have to work on the sides (hair stores), obtain a small section of hair three inches above the ear along with clip on the extension.

10、Using hairspray makes the curly hair a bit firmer, which shows that the clip do not detach easily.

Simplest way to style your hair after setting clip on hair extensions is with a flat iron or straightening iron. This will give you a sleek look as it helps to substances your natural hair together with the extensions. It is imperative you don't brush your hair from the root base because this can potentially move the main extensions.