When we choose a wig, we need to consider many factors, include hair color, wig density, wig cap size, wig types, wig length and etc, every factor can be a deciding factor in your decision to choose a wig, right? Today we will mainly talk about the wig length.

  Before choosing your wig length, we should first know the three standard wig lengths:

  1.Short length wigs

  Short wigs are typically wig length starting from just under the ears to the chin. If you would like to try with short hair wig, however, you don’t have enough courageousness to chop your own natural hair, it's a wonderful choice for you to decide on a short hair wig. Like short bob wigs, or short pixie wigs.

bob wig

  2. Medium length wigs

  Go mount the trend wagon and provides medium length wigs a try! Medium length wigs are commonly between your shoulders and armpits, which offer you a universal look. Medium length is the hottest hair wig length because it offers additional hair look while not being troublesome to take care of.

medium length wig

  3. Long length wigs

  Long-length wigs that fall below the bodily cavity and up to the tailbone or longer are thought of long-length wigs. Long hair will offer a fantastic look to ladies UN agency ar tall because it maxes out the female side.

long wig

  Then how to choose the wig length:

  Decide how long you wish your hair to look:If you wish for a classy, trendy bob, then go shorter. If you wish for a luxury, glam look, go longer. However detain mind that the longer the wig length is, the costlier the unit is going to be.

  Choose your hair texture: keep in mind that curly and wavy hair texture shrinks a bit naturally. So, if you wish for an extended curly or wavy look, you’ll get to select a length that's some inches longer than you wish your wig to get.

  Choose the density of your wig: a better density wig is additional seemingly to be full throughout the complete length of the wig, whereas a lower density wig might not be. Learn the way to decide on wig density.

  Consider your face form: Your face shape is a vital issue to contemplate once selecting a wig hair length. If you've got an associate degree oval-formed face, you'll be able to wear just about any wig length. However, if you've got a spherical face form, longer lengths are going to be additional ingratiating for you. If you've got an oblong face, a brief stratified vogue would work best for you.

  Consider your body features: if you’re below average height, the typical wig can seem longer on you. On the opposite hand, if you’re tall, wigs can seem shorter on you.

  Evaluate your way: If you've got a very active lifestyle, you ought to elect a shorter wig, therefore you won’t get to agitate hair on your shoulders, neck, and back.

  Do you also have a lot of your own thoughts on this topic? then share it with us, I hope it can help more people