First of all, let us ask a question, what do you think is the enduring hairstyle in the wig market? There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people, but I think if we say body wave is one of them, no one should object, right? When it comes to body wave, I think many people want to know one thing, that is how to let the body wave hair keep wavy?

body wave wig

  1. What is body wave?

  The body wave is a loose curl that comes in an "S" wave pattern and merchandising well on-line. Body Waves provides your hair a natural pattern to form a soft and natural-looking wave. It changes the feel of your hair in an exceedingly lasting approach and frees you from daily hair styling, and therefore the cost of maintenance is additionally not high.

  2. Why choose body wave?

  Natural And Fashion Look: The human hair body wave has the foremost natural look. It will mix along with your natural hair absolutely, creating it tough to inform whether or not it's your natural hair.

  Easy to resyle: Because body wave hair are made from 100% human hair, they'll stand up to a warm temperature of warmth tools. This implies that you just will use your home appliance or flat iron to straighten or curl your body wave hair weave, and bleaching and colouring are allowed. If you're bored with body wave hair, you'll contemplate dynamical color or turning it into straight hair, curly hair, or any hairstyle you wish.

  Affordable price: Wheather it is body wave bundle or body wave wigs, the price will all be much affordable than other hair texture, if you don’t have enough budget, body wave will be a good choice.

  3. How to let body wave keep wavy?

body wave wig

  Don't use high power hairdryer to dry it: After wash your body wave hair, dry the wetness with a clean dry microfiber towel gently, detain mind that you simply don’t impolitely dry hair since the hair cuticle is open when laundry and it's simple to break once you dry the hair impolitely. Then let the body wave hair dry naturally within the air till there isn’t any water change posture. Once your hair is eightieth dry, it might be higher to feature some hair care oil on your body wave human hair.

  Comb hair from the top to the end, during the method of applying the toilet article to your body wave hair, comb your hair along with your finger gently from the highest to the top. And you don’t want an excessive amount of toilet article, and simply got to apply moderate oil equally spreading to your head and your body wave human hair. you'll be able to conjointly roll the hair equally along with your hand throughout the time after you smear the hair.

  Let your body wave hair air dry utterly. Please don't use a wind to blow the hair, you’d higher to use a hair blow with a wavy or ringleted drier. this fashion will maintain the wavy and ringleted alright.

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  The next step is to vogue the wavy pattern. you ought to prepare an honest quality of mousse that's terribly helpful for hair styling earlier. Then smear the mousse equally on your body wave hair weaves and roll the hair following the curve at identical time. At identical time, don’t apply an excessive amount of mousse as a result of it's straightforward to draw in dirt.

  Don’t forget to deep conditioner the body wave wigs each period. This method is to grant your hair nutrition and wet to avoid dry. this manner will let your hair in sensible state and avoid tangling and shedding.

  Now just try on your body wave hair, and share your ideas with us!