More and more people wear wigs, wigs bring all girls a natural and beautiful appearance, but everyone's own hair volume is different, if your own hair is more or thicker, or you don't find the correct way to wear the wigs, it may affect the natural appearance of the wigs. Today let us share the wig installation methods with you~

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  Typically, the most effective place to cover your hair underneath your wig is at the backside of the neck, that is why most wigs have some further room/stretch during this space to accommodate this. If your natural hair is long enough to try to to therefore, place it during a bread at the backside of your neck, placed on your wig cap and your wig can work seamlessly on your head with none projecting bumps.

  First, use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair until the hair is smooth.

  Make a low ponytail at the back of your neck by tying all your hair.

  Twist the hairdo from wherever you secured it and twist and until you begin to feel the hair carry up.

  Then carry up the hair and around to the bottom. Within the method, you had higher create the bun as tiny and tight as potential in order that it'll not be visible once your wig is on, or produce any bumps.


  Cornrows hairstyle is especially sensible for those with further thick hair, as cornrows allow a blandish surface than regular braids. Cornrows square measure ideal for brief to medium lengths, though they will conjointly work for extended hair too.

  Not to mention merely divide hair into little rows from front to back, and braid down the length of your head, you'll succeed this effortlessly.

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  Compared with other hairstyles, the twist is easy to do, which can also save time, so this way is very popular. But, twists may make your own hair tangle or frizz. To avoid having protruding bumps under your wig, just make your twists as small as possible.


  Plaits are one in all the foremost standard hairstyles to use that is very effective doggo your natural hair underneath your wig. though plaits aren’t as flat as different hairstyles, they are doing the trick, and can keep your natural hair protected and healthy. Attempt to keep your plaits as little as possible, which can minimise lumps and bump underneath your wig.

  Some other things that you need to know:

  Wear wig cap: Carrying a wig cap underneath your wig offers nice hair protection from the wig and keeps your own hair whereas naturally concealing underneath the wig.

  Never place your wig on wet hair: Never place a wig on wet hair because it will cause mold and microorganism growth on your wig. Before carrying a wig, please certify your own hair and your lace front wig are each utterly dry.

  Use pins or combs to secure hair: Nothing is best than exploiting some hairpins or combs to secure your hair.

  Now just install your favorite lace wig, and go out to show your beauty~