Wigs are beautiful, which will bring us a lot of happy times and make us more beautiful and more confident, but every once in a while wigs give us some annoying moments, like hair split ends, hair shedding, etc. But we need to know the annoying things can be avoided, let us talk about split ends today.

  What is hair split ends?

  Split ends happen once the ends of your hair become dry, brittle, and frayed. Exposure to extreme atmospheric condition, and hair care techniques like blow drying, straightening, and curling could cause split ends. Of course, even if it is a human hair wig, will also have split ends , which is also normal. After all, wigs cannot absorb nutrients from the scalp for nourishment like our own natural hair.

Lace Front Wigs

  Reasons of split ends.

  1. Heated styling

  If you usually use hot styling tools, include straighteners, hairdryers, curling irons and hot rollers , then your wigs might be damaged, the process will strips the hair of wet and makes it liable to breakage.

  2. Chemical treatments

  After we getting a wig, we may want to change it to other styles or colors, as we all know, chemical straightening treatments and perms, bleaching and hair coloring have a harmful impact on your hair with wrong methods, which may make hair of our wigs weak.

  3. Friction

  Friction may be a common reason behind split ends. Some materials will cause harm to your hair. Like your hats, scarves, cotton pillowcases and rough towels, which will cause friction and therefore, cause broken hair and split ends.

  4. Climate

  Excessive sun exposure and lack of wetness will cause brittle and weak hair,which may cause split ends.

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  How to avoid split ends?

  1. Be gently to your wigs.

  After washing, avoid using regular towels and choose a towel with soft materials to dry your lace front wigs to squeeze out any excess water, and then let your hair air dry as much as possible.

  2. Use right hair products.

  It is very important to have some high quality wig care products, if possible. And remember to use some wig friendly products, because some regular brands that used for natural hair may cause bad effect to your wigs. When there are hair split ends on your wigs, which means your wig needs more hydration than usual.

  Then you should consider to use a conditioner during the wig washing process, which wig help your wig become smooth, and become more manageable. A product that include jojoba oil, shea butter or argan oil would be a good choice for your wigs, it will help the hair of your wigs become more elastic, shiny and moisturized.

 3. Regular hair trims

  Sometimes, we have to make some choices. While there are split ends on your wigs, we may need to trim the hair, because once your hair have spit ends, it will only lead to more damage. If you are hesitated to trirm the ends and delay time, which will cause the hair brittle and unhealthy.

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 4. Use less hot tools

  Minimize the usage of hot tools will help you get healthy hair, even if you need to use hot tools, remember to use heat protectant before the works.

  5. Sleep on silk while sleeping

  When you sleep, the friction between the hair and the pillow can even cause the hair to become knotted and dry. This is also a problem that we cannot ignore. When you sleep, choosing a silk pillow will be the easiest way to reduce friction.

  As long as we pay more attention, hair split ends can be reduced or not occurred. Be sure to treat your wig like a friend, be loving and patient, and pay attention to how you deal with your wigs in your daily life. Then your lace closure or front wigs will also give back to you in their most perfect condition.